Ab August werde ich 10 Monate im Land der unbegrenzten Möglichkeiten leben!!

Friday, December 21, 2012


On December 6th I decided to quit Basketball. it was no easy decision at all, I like my team and would have loved to play Basketball but I realized I can't do it, it is just way to hard on me. The dirty thirty "killed" me and afterwards I couldn't participate that well any longer and through that I felt like I left my team down. I am just not as good as they are, still not used to the hard training every day, sometimes Saturday. I don't want to let them down, so the only way I could go, was quitting Basketball. :( Until Spring I have time now to either do nothing after school or maybe a club or something, I don't know, yet. I will see. Through the 2 months of Basketball I learned and experienced how it is to be in a athletic team, the support from the team mates, how far I can go and the improvent I made, the school spirit during a game, the hard practice, was at a Prude game and even took a picture with that team.
Yes, I liked Basketball but now it's over for me and I'm fine with it.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Shipshewana trip

4 months!! :O Wait a minute.. Seriously?!? I'm here already for 4 months? I almost reached half-time, that's so crazy I still feel like I have just arrived.. But in this post I am telling you a little bit about our Shipshewana trip!

From November 17 - November 18 (day 94; 95) our group of exchange students wereon a trip at shipshewana, a town were Amish people live. Amish people don't believe in electricity or driving in a car but believe a lot in God. I know it's not a very good explanation. But anyhow, we went to that town, called Shipshewana for the weekend.

In the morning at 7 am, Mom brought Rost, Wasilia and me to the school where our local coordinator already waited for us. As we got into the bus there  were already some other exchange students from our group. After some time another group joined us. I talked a lot with Heluma (Brazil), Dody (Egypt), Sahya (Israel) and José (Mexico). We drove about 1 hour or so north until we got to Wendy's, where I ordered a burger with coke and French fries, I gave the fries to Wasilia. :D

Our first thing we visited was the chocolate factory.  I really love it! As we entered the factory the smell of chocolate was all around us, mmnn! First we went to the store where we got some percent off of everything we brought, I went to the "Almost perfect" section, that is chocolate which is not perfect by looks and so had also some percents off. I brought some of chocolate pralines.
Afterwards our guide talked a little bit about the history from chocolate, from the cacao bean to the final chocolate. (Nathi, that reminded me so much of the KPP, that was scary! ) Then we were split into 2 groups, our group saw the factory first, we first saw huge plates of chocolate, and then we went into another room where they prepared "turtles ", a special kind of chocolate praline, nuts,caramel and chocolate. First the nuts went through machines with caramel and through a " waterfall of chocolate". Before we left the room we all got some samples, yeah! The next thing we saw was the packing station where the chocolate is being packet into fancy paper and boxes, afterwards we had the chance to make our own chocolate lollipop, we spinned a spoon in chocolate which then went into a refrigerator. As we all had finished making our lollipop we could walk through a museum about chocolate. As we left the factory everyone of us got a little bag with chocolate.
After the chocolate factory we drove to Shipshewana. We first drove around the town, the stores looked like houses and some of them had already Christmas decoration on them, it looked just great! Unfortunately I couldn't take a picture of it :/  After we were done with our tour around the town, which like I said was real beautiful, we split into 3 groups. I was in the third one and as we got out of our bus and first searched a bathroom. We found one in Subway. As we were done the group I was with, which had been the second one had to go and I searched for my group. Heluma was in my group and as we waited until I would be our turn we took some pictures on an interesting chair and next to a horse buggy,  in the first place we wanted to walk through the town and take some pictures but we weren't sure whether we would be allowed to. The buggy ride was great but also a little bit cold and pur driver was kinda crazy. Once Heluma had to turn right and she moved both hand to the right to make the horse turn right but instead it continued walking straight and Heluma started panicking, until our driver turned. The ride was funny but also real slow.
Afterwards we drove in our bus to a farm. We met there some Amish children which were real cute and our group took a picture with them :D Then we looked at a steam machine for a while and got some cookies from an older woman.
Our next stop was a cheese factory. It was called : "Deutsch Kase Haus". As I saw that I was really astonished by that!  In the factory we could buy and try cheese and also different things like chocolate, candy and jelly.  Then finally we drove to our hotel.We got our keys and went to our rooms. I was in a room with 5 other girls.  The rest of the day we spent walking around in the hotel, taking pictures and once we were in a game hall for a little bit. In the late evening  we got pop, popcorn and chips and went into a room and played a game and just talked. We went to our rooms at around 12, there the girls in our room and I talked until almost 1 in the morning. The day had been just great! :D

The next morning we woke at around 8:30 and got ready, packed our stuff and such and then went to go eat breakfast. After breakfast we got slowly ready to leave but before that  Wasilia,Dody, a girl from Germany and another girl and I took some funny pictures. Then we went downstairs and put all our luggage into the bus and met all of our group in the reception hall. There we played a game until about 12:30. Afterwards we drove to a museum about Amish people, we could first look through a store and  then walked into several rooms to stories or watched movies about Amish people. Afterwards we all got back into the bus and stopped at Subway to eat something.  The scholarship students went first, which was almost the whole bus! And then the rest of us could get into line.  On our way back home I talked a lot with the students, it was just so much fun! As we had to say good-bye to our new friends I was just so extremly sad. But luckily I'll see them again! :D 
Wasilia,Rost and I were back in our town at 6pm. There Wasilia's hostdad already waited for us and brought us back home.  At home I was kind of sad that the trip had already been over but also happy being home again! :)

All in all it was a very awesome and funny weekend!!

I found Aldi sued in America! xD

Heluma <3 br="br">

Deutsch Kase Haus!

Monday, December 10, 2012


Hey! It's already December!
I still can't believe it! Soon, very soon we'll have Christmas, yeah! I am sorry I didn't write something in a while and it's even a month ago! I'm so sorry about that! I know I still have to write about church, the shipshewana trip, Thanksgiving, Trudy's Christmas party and I some things more I can't think of right now. I'm working on it but I'm just so busy all the time, haha! ;D

Anyhow I just wanted you to know I'm planning to write about some things in the hopefully near future!

Xoxo Clarissa

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The truth about homesickness

If life was easy, where would the adventure be?

This post is going to be different from my other ones, because  I am not talking about what I did the last time it is about how I feel , I want to talk about homesickness.
I have been homesick in the last few weeks and I can tell it is not a great feeling.  In fact to me it is the worst feeling ever.  It real sucks when you are sitting somewhere and everything's fine and all out of sudden you start missing home, your family, friends at home. Or simply a situation pops into your mind and you start thinking about home and start missing it. The problem about it is that I can't do anything about it. Well at east not that much.
Once I just had to think about Martin because of some reason and got homesick, just a word or a action can remind me of home and make me sad. It can get really worse and I started thinking about home, going home because it hurt so bad.  I just miss simple things like talking with my friends not having to think about what to say, being fully understood, siting in the living room with Mama and Papa and just listen to the newest news from Mama, talking about movies and actors with Papa, or just looking out of the window and watching people walking by.  But luckily I have a wonderful host family which manages it to cheer me up again when I start missing home and talk with me about it. That makes it a lot easier.

In school I still have troubles finding friends and talking with others, it's not easy talking with someone when you don't understand everything, or don't know what to say. And during the periods you don't really can talk to them because the teacher wants us to be quiet, and after school I also don't have time to meet with friends because I have practice until 5:30 and then homework is still waiting
for me.

I found good friends in exchange students with which it's easier to talk to because they go through the same as I do and can understand what  I am going through because they go through the same, we can
exchange our feelings about homesickness, what is strange or new to us.  I found good friends in Wasilia and Rost which helped me seeing the good sides again when I was or am sad.  When I'm with
 my classmates i often feel left out , they don't understand how it is being in a new , foreign country, 
how hard it is to find friends, to understand everything or being understood. 

Yes it is true and now I finally believe all the returnees, homesickness sucks. But I know it will get better and my homesickness will fade away.

Like you may can tell, I was homesick as I wrote this and still I'm fighting with it but it's getting better :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Purdue basketball game

Day 86- 9. November 2012 Friday

Usually Fridays are amazing, the weekend is right in front of me, no school, tests or quizzes, usually no homework and plenty of time with my wonderful family. But this weekend didn't start that great. I used to think, that homesickness would just go away after a few hours or a day but no I was wrong.
This weekend it just came back to me, and this time it was real though on me. It started as Dad's sister came to visit over the weekend. She reminded me so much of Sybille (Nuremberg) and I had to think so bad about Germany and my rabbits. All out of sudden I started crying and couldn't stop for about 5 - 10 minutes. It was bad. But luckily Mom was there and talked with me about 1 hour until I felt a little better. 

Day 87- 10. November 2012 

This morning looked better then the day before. Even though I had practice I was happy because it just started at 10 am.  
 Look at my other blog to see the other thing that happened, I won't write it down here, just check the other blog. 
Well, we had been at Grandpa's and Aunt Cindy's house to celebrate Justins birthday. But Nikki, Kariden and I couldn't stay that long because we went to the Prudues basketball game in Lafayette. I had to be at the school at 5:15, but  I thought I have to be there at 5 and was surprised  that nobody was there at 5.  Jup the German always in  a hurry and early, right? xD 
So we had to wait more than 20 minutes until I could get into the bus and finally on our way to Purdue.   We all were in a very good mood, listened to music and talked, it was great fun!  As we got into the arena I was amazed, the arena was huge! I was so excited. The game was great, too. I whish I could play like they can, the Prudue team even won the game! After the game our team, our basketball team were there to watch it, went to the basement of it and got to the court to take a picture with the team!! I was so excited, that was just amazing! My first basketball game and then THAT! It felt so great, kind of important, haha.  Afterwards we got into the bus again and stopped by an ice- cream store and got some ice-cream. The scoopes were huge! It was like 2 scoops in Germany :D. And it was really good! But first I had some difficulties to order because the price was made out of the scoop, the cone and the tax, it took me a while to find out how much it actually was but my team mates helped me.  The day had been very exciting and amazing! 

First Basketball game, fall award festival

Day 82- 5. November 2012 Monday

After school I stayed at the school until 4 because then we met with Tracy, our coach to get our uniforms, we should have our very first basketball game! Even though it was just a scrimmage, a game which doesn't count, I was really nervous. After we got our uniforms we got into the bus, a yellow school bus! I was so excited! The first time I rode in a yellow school bus, to my very first game!!!  As we arrived at the other school I was really nervous as we walked through that huge school. Since I play JV, junior varsity, we had to play during the 3 rd quarter. Before the varsity game started everyone rose and listened to the national anthem, like before every game, the the vasity played the first 3 quarters, I was so nervous the whole time, then in the 3rd quarter it was the JV's turn.  I was a sub and played about 6 minutes or so, I was so afraid.  But I guess I did ok for my first time playing against another school. A brand new experience for me! :)  And I just can get better right?
Our team lost the game but it was ok for me, at least it was just a scrimmage.

Day 84- 7. November 2012 

After practice and a quick rest at home we went back to the school, because the fall athletes had a fall award festival. Every student who participated in the fall sports got something like a diploma and some got special awards for best improvement, team spirit etc. Some got a blanket r a school leather jacket. The whole award festival was really interesting and fun! Kariden and Nikki both got something, they were in Volleyball, Nikki in varsity and Kari in 8th grade volleyball.  Mom told me that also the winter athletes have such a festival, I can''t wait for that! Because I'll be among them! Afterward the awards had been given to the students, we saw a video about the volleyball varsity team.Afterwards everyone got ice-cream and pictures had been taken. Jup it was interesting to see that and I think it is a good idea and way  to support the athletes!!

Halloween and different things

Day 72 - 26. October 2012 Friday

Even though we had fall break I had to get up at 7 that morning. The reason for that was basketball practice, as I got up everybody was still asleep, I tried to not wake up anybody except Nikki who had to drive me to school. In school everybody was like : " I'm sure I'll pass out today!" the  dirty 30 were really though on all of us, Lexi even tripled. But the coaches told me I got better in shooting free throws, I was so happy ! The practice is always two hours long. 
At home I simply slept a lot because I was so tired. At the evening we had the birthday party for Katrina. Once again our house were full of people. :)

Day 73 - 27. October 2012 Saturday

I had to wake up early again, at 9 am because of Basketball Free Throw . We had to shot 500 free thows, 4 hours long. From 10am -2 pm. Luckily we hadn't to run this time I was so extremly happy!! Also I did really well, once I even got 9/20! So in the end I managed to get 101/500. I was so proud of that. At half-time we got pizza and pop from our coaches.
Today the kids went trick and treading even though it wasn't Halloween, yet. 
At 6 pm we went to Granpa's house with all of the youth group. There we ate some good chili and afterwards we played a game, it was so cold outside but I got the coat from Mom, so I was warm. The game was about finding hidden puzzle pieces with the help of bible phrases. We were seperated into two groups and our group lost the game... But it way still very much fun! Afterwards we played "Kids of the corn field" That is like hide and seek in a cornfield. Laura and I hid together, it was super much fun! We've been the last one in the field and won the game, we were really good in hiding, we head toward a street, walking low, silently and stopped to listen where the others are at.
When ever we heard them close to us we changed our dircetion. Luckily it wasn't that dark so it
wasn't creepy walking through the corn field in the night. At almost the end Laura wrote a message to Dad asking him what we're supposed to do xD He told us that we won the game! :D

Day 77 -31. October 2012 Wednesday -Halloween

Jup, Halloween. If you can believe it or not I really forgot about it compleatly! I remembered it again
as I saw different students being dressed up in school.  But the rest of the day I had no real time to worry about that, after school I had again basketball practice which wasn't that hard on me. after 
practice Nikki picked me up from the school and we drove to the church. We had a spaghetti dinner. I liked it very much!  Also I talked with Wasilia about her presentation she has to do for PAX about her country. So like you see I did nothing Halloween like on Halloween but that doesn't bother me much.

Day 79- 2. November 2012

Even though it was a Saturday it felt like a Friday, because once again basketball practice. As I got home at 10 am, we ate breakfast which felt like lunch to me and soon after got into the car to get to Lafayette. Katrina got her very first haircut that day!  In the mall I searched for jeans and a coat but just found some jeans.  After we " gave up " searching for a coat we ate at a chinese restaurant, it was real good! Also we font some pretzels, I got one with almonds on it, it were so extremely delicious! 
Afterwards we went to Jerry's house and ate a very good fish and just stayed there a few hours. Back home I soon went to bed because I was extremly tired. :)

I can't believe it's already November!! It feels like I just got out of the plane and left Germany! 

Random "facts":
Seems like Americans love it to count, especcially when someone is in trouble!
There are corn fields everywhere! - What's around me? Left side, corn field. Right side, corn field.
Behind me, corn fields. In front of me, corn fields. xD

Fall party and First Baskteball practice

Hey! So I finally have time again to write here, I'm sorry that I'm so slow in updating! Anyhow, this post is about the fall party at Trudy's and Basketball.

Day 67 21. October 2012

That day was the fall party at Trudy's house. I woke up full of energy, in church we had revival again, the work ship was interesting, the pastor played some very great songs and they even had a drama, I like it very much. After church Mom drove Wasila and me to Trudy's house.
As we arrived I talked with some Germans and also a Basilian girl.  We ate and drank some thing and then went to the fire to eat some Marshmallows, we even found some cracker and Belgium chocolate so we could prepare S'mores. I love S'mores!! After eating we started to carve our pumpkins, it was so much fun even though it had been real slimy. After all of us had finished we took a picture of us and our pumpkins.
We also played a little bit Basketball, we threw some free throws, I was so bad in it! But it was a lot of fun. Afterwards a few of us went inside and ate and talked with the other exchange students. I really loved the fall party, it was so much fun!
At 5 Dad and Jerry came to pick Wasilia, Rost and me up. They had a lot of pizzas with them which we should bring to our church. Dad said to me "When there are some missing, I know who ate it."
At church we went to the basement and ate pizza and played a game called "signs".  Afterwards we had revival again.
That day was really exhausting but great!

Day 68 - 22. October 2012 Monday

That day should be my very first basketball practice!  The beginning of the day wasn't that great because I was entirely tired. But I also was extremely nervous and also excited because of basketball.
The first 30 minutes were murderous to me. Our coach made us run 30 minutes up and down the court, dribbling,passing, and RUNNING. Afterwards I was done.  I almost passed out and saw stars in front of me, it was really hard. After those 30 minutes which are called "Dirty 30" we had regular practice, means transitions. I couldn't really participate because I was so exhausted. Also it was hard to understand everything but luckily my teammates explained everything to me.
After practice dad waited for me to drive me home, I was so thankful for that. At home I didn't have time to rest because really soon afterwards we went to church, there we had a chili  supper, which was really good, hot and spicy. The we had revival again. At home I pretty much just fell into my bed I was really tired.

Day  69- 23. October 2012

The only real thing inca say about that day is that I was really sore, I could not really walk. Practice was a little bit better than the day before,  but not very much. We did the same things Iike the day before.

Day 70 - 24. October 2012 

That day I barely could walk, I was extremely sore. I even thought about quitting basketball. But luckily some of my teammates cheered me up again and gave me back my positive attitude. In Sociology we had an open book test. Means filling out a test with the book next to you which you can use and when you didn't finish it you could take the "test" home and work on it. I really like the tests over here! Mostly they have multiple choices, matching or short answers/essays.
In basketball the dirty 30 were murderous to me,  I even had to rest several times and ran out of breath very fast and everything hurt so bad.
After practice we went to church, the last day of revival. I was a little bit sad that it was already over, I like it.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Prudue & Revival

Day 62- 16. October 2012 

That day I skyped with Mama again. I felt good afterwards, not homesick or anything which is great! Soon afterwards Mom,Dad,Kori and I went to Kariden's volleyball tournament. It was real interesting and I liked it very much! They even won!! After the game we went to Walmart and I got some salami! Yeah I haven't eaten salami since I left Germany, haha. Well now I have some again, yeah.

Day 63 -17.October 2012

After I got from school Dad, Kariden, Nikki  and I went to church were the rest of the youth group waited. As we drove to Laffayette it started storming but luckily it stopped as we arrived there!  We went to a house which was real beautiful and huge!There we ate  Pizza cookies and drank some pop, also I talked a little bit with someone from Austria, in German!  As we went outside the youthleaders gave us some riddles we had to solve,  we walkedalmost  through the whole Prudue campus, it was so much fun! :)
As we got into a room were we met other  youth kids. To get to know each other we played bingo, that reminded me so much of the VBS! Then we sang songs and listened to a presentation, which was real interesting! He used rhetorical questions and jokes which made the presentation real good! As we drove back home I was in a really good mood!

Day 65- 19. October 2012

After Study Hall the juniors and seniors were called to the audiotorium were some teacher did a presentation about texting and driving. Several students had been called to  do a simulation in a car.Most of them killed a pedestrian xDD Then during lunch was a video about that topic,too. Also we should watch a video about accidents because of texting/drinking and driving during spanish class, everybody again to the audiotorium, but because they showed a lot of blood and one student threw up it had been cancled.
After school I didn't do very much, just watched TV.

Day 66- 21.October 2012 

That day was the first day of Revival in our church.  It was just like normal church, and yes I know I still have to do a post about church, I'm sorry for that!... Anyways, this time didn't preach our pastor another pastor from another church did.  With that pastor it was real intersting, he even made some jokes, the songs were great and they even had a drama! I enjoyed it a lot! As we got home I ate the left over french toast I once made. But Omis are way better!!  Then Mom and I went to Walmart.  We talked a lot, it was so much fun! :) At Walmart we bought a pumpkin carving kit and other things.

My next post will be about the Halloween/Fall party at Trudy's house :) I hope I can catch up with today, soon! I will try my best!

xoxo Clarissa

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Finals and other things

Day 50 -3. October 2012 Wednesday

In school nothing real interesting happened.  At home I sat downstairs and listened to the conversations talked and laughed. Also once Mom told Dad that she has to go to the kids room real quick  and he shouldn't sit on her place. Guess what happened? The exact opposite happened and then both of them started wrestling about that place it was hilarious! I laughed so much ,it was so funny!
Also Dad said  to one boy because he was crying: "It's no shame to cry. I'll cry when a special German has to fly back to Germany, too"
Yes also we went to church and after church Rost, Austin and I played a little bit Basketball.

Day 53 -6. October 2012

That was the day I skyped the first time with my family at home. I had time because nobody was home at that time. My family was at the volleyball game from Nikki. As I finally came downstairs everybody was home again. We ate lunch and soon after they had to leave again, to Karidens volleyball game. I stayed at home with Rost, Jersy and the little kids and watched TV.
As Nikki came back home she told me that the two of us would go eating, soon. I was excited because of that :D We went to Subway, it was the first time I was in a Subway here in America so Nikki explained everything to me. The people looked at me as if we were crazy because Nikki explained everything to me, but we told them that I'm an exchange student from Germany and the salesperson asked me whether I'm speaking German, in German! That was so funny. I answerd him in German, haha I guess he didn't understand that. xD Yeah as we ate Nikki talked about 2 1/2 hours, I was so great! Afterwards we went to some people Nikki knew, they had a very cute and happy baby. That baby was on of the most happiest babyies I've ever met, she smiled all the time! Then as we drove home we wanted to rent some movies but we couldn't find a good one which intersted us so we just went home.

Day 57- 10. October 2012 

That day we went through  Study guides in History and Sociology for the 9 week finals which started on Thursday, the day after  this one. It's an exam about the things we learned the last 9 weeks. In Yearbook we had a guest speaker again, he told us more about the ladder we have  to create.
In English we had a quizz again and our teacher danced his quizz dance again, it's just so amazing! 
The rest of the day I mostly spent with studing for Earth Science and Sociology.

Day 58- 11. October 2012

 Start of the 9 week exams.
And exactly that day I started not feeling that well.  In History we continued watching a movie and in Sociology we wrote an exam, I did very well in it! We got it back at the end of the period and I have 100 % yeah!  In Yearbook we had to write an exam aswell but just about what we've acconplished in that time. Then in Earth Science we wrote another exam, this had 100 questions on it!  But I did quiet well on it.
The rest of the day I studied for 3 exams on Friday.

Day 59 -12. October 2012

The day didn't start well either, my head and throat hurt. Before the classes Gabriel told me about an e-mail from our Coordinator about a trip, I became so curious!  In History, Spanish and English we had 9 week exams. I did ok. And in all the other classes I had mostly Study Hall, meant studing for  the exams.
As I got home Nikki told me that she has to leave for a football game, she's the manager, so I was left alone at home for a while. At about 7 pm I went to Wasilia's house. I should spent the night at her house. There I knocked at the door but mobody opened, I was afraid that nobody would be home, but luckly Wasilia was. We went upstairs and most of the time we listened to music, German, English and African music, it was a lot of fun and we laughed a lot.

Day 60- 13. October 2012

Even though it was a Saturday I woke up really early, at 9 am! Wasilia and I listened to music and  played a little bit Flow. Then I went with Wasilia, her Hostdad and hostsister to Walmart. It was fun, we walked through Walmart a long time because we never could find what we were searching for because it is so huge!
As we went back I told Wasilia that I want to go back to our house again. There I didn't do very much, I was at the laptop the rest of the day.

Day 61- 14. October 2012

2 months. I couldn't believe I was /am in America now 2 months.. :)
That day nothing real interesting happened. The day started like always with church. This time we didn't do very much, we mostly talked. Back home I just sat around and waited until 6, again church.

Monday, October 15, 2012

2 months!


I can't believe it! I'm in America for 2 months now! Time passes so freaking fast! Two months ago my  adventure started and it keeps going! In those two months I've seen and learned a lot of things. I've been through times I could screem of joy and happines and also through times I was very sad and homesick. Those times are very tough but thanks to my wonderfull hostfamily who cheered me always up when I felt bad they passed by very fast!  I can't tell how happy I am being here and how thankful, not just to my hostfamily also to my family at home and my  wonderful friends! I love you guys and  miss you!

I love America!!

xoxo Clarissa

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Day 46- 29. September 2012 Saturday

I sleep very long that day until 11:30 am!  Sometime later I went to the park with Kariden and the three little kids. It was great just to walk a little bit and watch them  playing.After we got back  Mom, Kariden and I went to the gas station and at 7 pm  we went to friend of my hostfamily who are also the youth leaders.  they have 7 kids and two boys of them had birthday and in the house there were so much people!! Cousins, all the kids, my hostfamily, aunts, uncles...  But I  liked it and didn't feel uncomfortable. Well I took a picture of Jordan and her cousin and in that picture her cousin has bright red eyes! And we were making fun of that the whole night!  Then once we went to buy something and drove to a store. As we came back we got our of the car and Jordan,Jersy and Kariden said " Get to the other car!" and ran to another car, I was so confused I didn't know what was going on.  Also they asked me wether I wanted to stay over night.  As we got to the other car we went to get some ice cream and they had Reese ice cream!! Wow that was super delicious! I love Reeses!  As we got back I said bye to Mom and Dad because Kariden and I stayed there. Almost the whole  time Jordan and I were joking around because of the one picture! It was hilarious!

Day 47- 30. September 2012

That morning we had to wake up early because of church. After church we ate lunch in church which was very good. After we got home I became so tired. Also I went  to the gas station with Jersy and Jordan and got some Reeses, I love them so very much! Until 6 I looked through some pictures with Mom until we went to church. After church I didn't do much, just watched a movie and soon after went to bed.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Shot- Not! and the Shakespear play

Day 42- 25. September 2012

School was ok. In English asked us our teacher whether Wasilia and I want to go to a Shakespear play on the next day, we say yes. I had to go early out of  English class because it should be the day I'd get a shot. Dad picked me up from school and we drove to Monticello. As we arrived the nurse looked at my shot record and said that I don't need any shot because I alread have all of them! Lucky me.  I was really happy because of that!! Afterwards we just went to Walmart and bought some grocery. After we got home I quickly ate dinner and then Dad, Marylin, Karianna and I drove to Nikkis volleball game.

Day 43 - 26. September 2012

That day I had to wake up at 5:50 am. That was real early! But I wasn't as tired as I thought I would be. We woke up so early because we had to be at school at 7 for "See you at the pole". There we prayed, for the students, school, teacher and other people, all together. Afterwards we ate breakfast in school. It was fun.
Then I had an US History test, it was ok.
In Spanish we got started with our Ipads, seriously the students are crazy about their Ipads... In Earth Science we had study hall because the nest day we should write a test. As I went to English our teacher sent me out of his class and told me to go to the office, I just knew that I had a test for phyiscal something but nothing more. So I  arrived at the office and was really lost! Because first nobody seemed to know why I had been sent there. Finally I found out that Mom wanted me to walk home. As I got home I picked up all the papers I needed and then we went to the building I had to go to.
There I had to do several test like hearing or visual test, they measured my wheight and height, asked me some questions, tested my reflextions and such. I needed to do that because I want to start Basketball and I can't participate without those tests. 
As the test was finally over Mom and I walked back home. There I studied 30 minutes for my Earth Science test and then I already had to leave again. I went to the school were I met the other students who also were going to see the Shakespear play.
Before we went to the play we went to Laffayette to eat  supper, I was so hungry!  But we runned late so we could just pick up our food and hurried back to the bus. I bought some  burger with onion ring and Dr. Pepper. It was real delicious! But Wasilia and I kind of hurried to eat because we just had about 20 minutes to eat until the play began. It was funny. The play was great even though I didn't unterstand everything because it was in a old english, Shakespear english so sometimes I had troubles to understand what they were saying. The play was about a dream within a dream within a dream, it was twisted, confusing and really amusing!
As we were back home it was alread 11 pm. I studied about 1 hour until I finally could go to bed, I like the day very much even though it had been very exhausting and long.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Spirit Week and Homecoming!

Ok first of all:
What if Spirit/ Homecoming week?!

For those who don't know that, Spirit week is a week where all high school students dress up to a motto each day  to show their school spirit and motivate their football team to be very good and win at the game on Friday. That game is called Homecoming. Because it is at home, at the school.  It is really fun.

Day 35. - 17. September 2012 Monday

Pajama Day ( No I didn't spell that wrong, that's the way they write it here!! I also was very confused as I say it written with 'aj' first. )

Yep the Monday was Pajama Day, and everybody came to school in a Pajama. I felt so funny wearing a Pajama during school the whole day but it was also very much fun because everybody wore their pajama. It was just like  unit, so amazing, I really like that!
Well after I came from school I just slept, I was so tired! For dinner we had Chili dogs, soo good!!  Yeah that was mostly my day.

Day 36. -18. September 2012 Tuesday 

Cowgirl/Cowboy Day

That day was Cowgirl and Cowboy day. During Vikes I wandered around with some students from my yearbook class and took pictures of  the students who were dressed up. It was fun!  Also I got my apple ID for the Ipad during Study Hall  means I could finally use the Ipad fully.
At home I simply did my homework and in the afternoon we went to the volleyball game from Kariden..

Day 37. -19.September 2012 Wednesday

Twin Day 

On Twinday I was the twin of Wasilia. She and I wore both our school Shirts and black pants.
During Vike I and the other exchange students had a meeting with our local coordinator in the library. We were suprised seeing her. She asked us what athletics or clubs we have joined. Also she told us some upcoming things in the next months.  It was a lot of fun talking with her!
The rest of the day nothing real interesting happened.
After our classes Wasilia and I went to Quizzbowl. That's something like "Who wants to be a millionaire?"
And you are in a team and can discuss the question together. That was until 5 pm. I didn't like it that much. Whenever the teacher read a question I just understood the half of it, I just didn't like it.
At home  at 6pm almost everybody went to church, I stayed at home and read in my book I havee to reaad for the AR test.

Day 38 -20.September 2012 Thursday

College Day

On College Day I wore Katies college sweatshirt and I was so great warm! Until Spanish nothing real interesting happened. In Earth Science we had like a Study Hall because the teacher had nothing to do for us, that was so great! In English we had a guest speaker and we also talked about pronouns. After school I went to Quizz bowl again and I decited to not go to Quizz bowl anymore, I prefer to do Basketball, I got some paper from the office and showed it to Mom.
As I first came home Mom called me to the kitchen and showed me our dinner, Mexican soup, very spicy and hot!  It was so good!

Day 39- 21. September 2012 Friday

Viking Day

Friday meant Homecoming Day or Viking Day. In school we had short periods, means the classes were just 45 minutes long. That was really confusing to me. We just had Lunch after Spanish, that was strange.
After the classes we had Pep Ralley Session. I also participated in it, it was fun!!
The Pep Sesion is to show pride of the school and school spirit. And during that the students do some "games" to show that. Also the cheerleaders danced which was really amazing, I loved it!  And 3 teachers got pied. Means a student throws a pie into the teachers face. That  was so hilarious!  The pie splashed everywhere!
After Prep Session  Nikki drove us home because it rained. After we got home, Mom,Dad, Kariden the little kids and I went to the homecoming parade. I liked it even though I thought it would be bigger. Then soon after that we went to the homecoming football game. It rained and I was real freezing! My feet were numb as the game was finally over. In the break  the homecoming gueen and king got their crowns. They were dressed in a  dress  or suit. But they also froze! I was so sorry for them, I mean I was frozen and I had a jacket and pants on.
After the football game there was a dance. But I didn't go to it, it was to frozen and just wanted to go home.
At home I simply tried to get warm again and went to bed, I was so tired!

Day 40 -22. September 2012 Saturday

On Saturday I slept in, that was so great! After breakfast I watched a little bit TV and waited for Nikki, we wanted to drive to  Buffallo to Grandma and Grandpas house. At 2 pm we drove to Buffallo. There were my hostfamily, the sister of my hostmom with their family and exchange student Rost.
Nikki and I went to a gasstation and she showed me the places were she grew up and told me some stories about it. After dinner Nikki, Kariden and I went home to pcik up Jordan. We four drove to Pizza Hut and wow I really like that Pizza ans the breadsticks! Funny ti me was that I was the only one who really ate much, haha usually I'm the one who doesn't eat that much, that was kind of funny.
Afterwards we went to a red box, where we can rent movies from. We rent 3 movies, but after we rent them we couldn't remember what one was about so we drove to walmart and returned it and got another one instead.
 At home we watched the movies on a PS3 because we have no DVD player, which is stupid!  It took us forever to prepare for it, we first had to figure out how to make it work and then we were interrupted about 4 times and had to restart the movie 4 times. But we just watched 1 1/2. "Lovely Molly" wasn't interesting and stupid  so we stopped at the half of it and watched "Case 39" instead. That movie was more interesting, it was confusing,twisted and crazy.

Day 41 -23.September 2012 Sunday

I couldn't sleep well that night and woke up all the time so it came that I was awake at 7:40 am and already prepared myself for church. After church we went back to our house and ate lunch and I helped a little bit with the dishes and cleaned our room´. At 6pm we went back to church, we watched Octoberbaby but didn't finish it, yet. As we went home it was real cold outside. As I was finally inside I watched the end of Rush Hour 2 and soon afterwards started Karate Kid which I watched with Dad but we didn't finish that movie either, because Nikki and Evan wanted to watch the last movie we rent the day before. So after eating very good pancakes which were made by Nikki and Evan we watched the movie. I can't remember the name anymore but I know that it wasn't that good.

Pajama Day

Cowgirl Day

Twin Day

College Day

Viking Day/ Me in Spanish class

In my next post I'll maybe write something about Sundays and church.

xoxo Clarissa

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September 15. + 16.Weekend

Day 33 -15. September 2012 Saturday

That day was again a saturday, means sleeping longer! As I woke up, nobody was home. It was so silent, I'm not used to that anymore, haha! Well the time I was alone I simply ate some breakfast and ironed my clothes. at 3 p.m. they came back home again, and brought me some burger, apple slices and sweet tea. Yummy.  Then we watched some movies, like Happy Feet 2, the beginng of Speed 2 and another movie I can't remember. In the afternoon we went to Buffallo. There Rost,Kariden and I played Basrball!  They tried to teach me how to throw and catch a ball, that was so funny!!  Then I tried to hit the ball with the bat, I hit it!! I was so proud of that, even Dad said I was good, and everybody cheered, that so amazing and funny!!
After eating I spent time with Kariden and the kids, we ate Marshmallows and sat around the fire.

Day 34 -16. September 2012 Sunday

That Sunday, after church Nikki  sorted and cleaned her clothes and I got some of hers. At 1 p.m. we went to school  and helped to decorate the hallway for Homecoming. I drew Batman, that was really fun! 
After we got back home we soon went to church again and this time I really liked it. We had to make a song about cornflakes, it should be like a jingle, that was fun! At home I had to eat Cornflakes, guess why?!
Also I seached for clothes I wanted to wear on Monday, because on that Monday Homecoming week should start. Also I watched "Lair Lair" with Dad, that movie's hilarious! I laughed so much!

Pictures of Hall Decoration should come soon.

xoxo Clarissa

P.S.: I LOVE AMERICA!!  But I also miss you guys!

First Football game, school, 9/11 and Ipad

Oh wow can you believe it?!? It's already October!!! 

Day 25 -7. September 2012

In Sociology we watched a movie called "The Namesake" it was basiclly about an Indian family which came to America and you see how they first didn't feel good and didn't like it and slowly got used to eveything and the kids which were born in America have to fit in, not just America also their own culture and such.
I really like that movie!
In Lunch they had Bretzeln!!!!! Haha I freaked out as I saw that. But the american Bretzeln, which are called Pretzeln here, have cheese in them!  It was real good, but still I prefer the ones without cheese in them, haha.
In English I got my essay, I re-did back.  I  got a A+ ! That and the Bretzeln really made my day.
At 7 p.m. I went with Kariden, Katie, Rost and his hostbrother to a football game.
Unfortunately I rained, that was really stupid, we even though about going back home, but luckily it stopped raining after a little time.  The game was ok, I just didn't understand everything, Rost tried to explain it to me.

 Day 26- 8. September 2012

That day I once again could sleep longer. As I woke up almost everybody of my family was at a funeral, just Rost and my little host sisters were at home. I played with them and talked to Rost. Then my family came back home.  Then I went with Nikki and Kariden to Walmart in Monticello, where we bought some food and I got some candy. Kariden had to help me and explain the differen candy to me, in just one shelf where so many!!  Afterwards we went to McDonalds and bought some food, too. Back home we ate something quick and then Nikki and I drove to Lafayette to get to the Mall. In the Mall Katie waited for us and Nikki and Katie got their nails done.

Day 27. - 9. September 2012   Sunday
That day didn't happen very much. Like every Sunday it was mostly "Church day"
I'm going to write a post about church soon.

Day 28. -10. September 2012

That day  I had a history test, I went out quiet good. In Sociology we watched the Namesake again. I really like that movie!  In Yearbook we had a guest speaker and our new and final teacher!! The guest speaker told us very much we need to know about Yearbook and where to start.  That was really interesting.
The next class was great,too. Spanish! I really love that class, too. We leared something about formal and informal speech.  Yes after I got through Earth Science, we had another guest speaker in English. He talked about some collage here in Indiana. That guy was so funny! He made tons of joke while his presentation. 

Day 29.- 11. September 2012

In History we watched a dokumentation about 9/11 it was called "The Day The Towers Fell" or something like that, it was real good, I actually almost cried during that, its just touching.
Spanish and Yearbook class was again real fun. In Yearbook we organized us a little bit more and talked about who takes pictures of which athletic.
In Earth Science we did nothing! We just sat around and were bored, yaaay... An one boy cut another boy's hair, during class!  That was so weird. And in English we simply talked about upcoming tests and quizzes.
I don't know anymore what I did the rest of the day... I really don't know, but since it was Tuesday, I guess we were at a volleyball game.

Day 30.+ 31 - 12.+13 September 2012
On Wednesday  nothing real intersting happened.

At Thursday  we were almost late for school because we just woke up at 7 a.m.  but we made it in time :D
Until Yearbook class nothing very intersting happend. In Yearbook class  I found out that there will be a Hallway decoration for Homecoming week. In Spanish I pritty much just talked about that and a spanish festival which was about Mexico and South America.
In English we wrote a test and right before we got it, our teacher jumped around, danced and sang a song  that everybody shall get an A in that test, haha that was just so crazy but funny!
As I got home I tried to iron my clothes and I worked out!! I was so proud of myself.
And 30 Days in America at that day, I was in America for 1 Month!! I couldn't believe it, time passes so very fast! And actually I'm here for even more time!!

Day 32 - 14. September Friday

On that Friday Wasilia and I finally got our IPads. Yep every student in our school has an Ipad. And everybody is crazy about it! Its like their Ipad is their life, sometimes that it really weird.  Anyway, on that Friday Wasilia and I got ours. We were the first exchange students from our school, in this school year, who got it.  Oh wow it took us FOREVER to get home. I guess we walked almost 30-40 minutes home. And we both were on our Ipads,taking pictures and laughing like some crazy kids. Dad even searched us because we were so very late. After I finally got home  I went to a bank with dad. On the way home we stopped at Walmart, and I got a bookbag.  The rest of the day I watched movies with Marylin and talked with her.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

3. - 6. September

Day 21-23 -  3.- 5. September 2012 

On Monday, Labor day, I didn't do much. Rost and I worked almost the whole day on our essays we had to write for English. But I managed it to finish it, juhu!
Tuesday was school again, it didn't happen much there, but our English teacher didn't like our essay, so I had to re-do everything, that was really stupid.  In the evening we went to the volleyball game of Kariden. Unfortunately we arrived at the game, as it already was over. At the game we met Wasilia and we walked home with her and just went to the gasstation.
At Wednesday I pritty much studied the whole time for Earth Science. Also I got the news that I just have to take 1 shot instead of 2. I was really happy because of that :D

Day 24 - 6. September  2012

That day, our Yearbook class got a little bot more organized, yeah! I offerd to take some pictures of the volleyball game, that day and also some of the football game the next day. Yes and during Earth Science our teachter really tough! That was something absolutely new, because usually we just have to fill out some papers with the help of the book.  Also we didn't have to write the test, we got another day to study, that was real great.
As I got home I simply uploaded my blog :) and ate Dinner, it was soo good! Because it was noodles! They were a little bit like Spagethi, real good.  After Dinner we went to Nikki's Volleyball game, I took about 150 picutes!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Another day of sickness and Weekend in Illinois!

Day 17- 30. August 2012

In der Schule passierte nicht viel, ich war immer noch krank so in der Schule sein, war eine Tortur für mich.
Gegen Abend gingen wir zum Volleyball game von Nikki. Das war echt interessant. Bevor das Spiel began sangen 2 Spieler die National Hymne, und alle (!) standen auf und sangen mit.
Während des Games feuerten so gut wie alle die Manschaft an, das war echt toll.  Ich fand das Game echt interessant, das ist auch eines der Gründe warum ich  nun öfters bei Spielen war.
Nachdem Spiel liefen wir nach Hause, ja wir liefen! Normalerweise fahren wir immer mit dem Auto, ich genoss das bisschen Laufen echt total :D
Danach war ich total geschafft und ging sofort schlafen.

Day 18 - 31. August 2012 

Nochmal Alles Alles Gute nachträglich zum Geburtstag Mama!!

In der Schule, bevor die classes starteten, bekamen Wasilia, Gabriell und ich ein Viking T-Shirt von Lexi. :D
Oh die Vikings  sind unsere Schulmaskottchen. Und unsere Farben sind Blau,Gelb,Weiß.
In Lunch wurde dann ein Foto von uns gemacht. Ja Schule war ziemlich normal an dem Tag. Alls ich nach Hause kam guckte ich "Evan Allmighty" mit Dad, der Film ist einfach lustig :D
Und dann sollten wir langsam fertig werden, denn wir sollten über das Wochenende nach Illinois gehen, zu Grandma and Grandpa.
Katrina,Kori,Mom, Kariden und ich fuhren wir los! Wir fuhren nichtmal so lang wie ich dachte wir würden fahren, vielleicht 2 Stunden oder so.
Als wir dort ankamen hießen uns meine neuen Grandparents willkommen. Sie hatten zu dem Zeitpunkt 5 Hunde im Haus, die waren echt verrückt! Auch haben sie in Illinois eine andere Zeitzone, eine Stunde zurück. Denn  Indiana, dort wo ich lebe, hat die gleiche Uhrzeit wie in New York.
Und da es schon ziemlich spät war, gingen wir alle gleich schlafen.

Tag 19. - 1. September 2012

Ich wachte ziemlich spät auf, das war echt toll, ausschlafen! :D
Als Breakfast hatten wir Pancakes! Soo yummy!!
Den Rest des Tages verbrachten wir auf der Couch, TV gucken. Das war nicht wirklich spannend, den wir guckten Sport! Den ganzen Tag. Mom strickte eine Decke, die sie ca. 4 Jahre zuvor startete. Auch fuhren Dad, Grandpa und ich zu Walmarkt um nach einem Adapter zu schauen, leider hatten sie keinen da.
Ja der Hauptgrund, weshalb wir den ganzen Tag drinnen verbrachten war, es regnete entweder oder es sah so aus als ob es gleich an fangen würde zu regnen und am Abend gab es sogar ein Gewitter.

Tag 20. - 2. September 2012 

Labor Day, heißt keine Schule :D
Wie am Tag zuvor regnete es den ganzen Tag, hieß TV gucken.  Gegen 3 oder 4 Uhr ging es dann wieder zurück nach Indiana.  Als wir wieder zu Hause waren spielte ich ein bisschen mit meinen kleinen Hostsisters bis wir zu Rost's Haus fuhren um ihn abzuholen, denn er sollte die Nacht in unserem Haus verbringen. Ich redete und joked around mit Rost and Mom und aß Dinner. Ja und dann ging ich schlafen. An dem Tag fühlte ich mich etwas besser, aber trotzdem ging der Schnupfen / cold nicht weg.

Ich hoffe ihr alle seit gut auf! Ich liebe America, aber auch vermisse ich euch!

Speziall Grüße an Mama,Papa, Martin,Omi,Siggi+ Family, Janina,Sybille und Nathi!!

I miss you!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sick :(

Tag 14- 27. August 2012

Diesen Morgen musste ich mal wieder früh aufstehen, den ich hatte Schule.  In der Schule passierte nichts  sonderlich Wichtiges. In Lunch gab es nur Tacos mit Käse, so lecker!
Ja nach der Schule ging es mir dann jedoch nicht mehr so gut. Mein Magen tat so unglaublich weh! Unglücklocherweise war so gut wie die ganze Familie am Flughafen in Chicago um Nele Tschüss zu sagen, denn sie flog wieder nach Deutschland.  Ich fühlte mich wirklich schrecklich, mein Magen tat so weh.
Ich schlief so gut wie den ganzen Tag, den währendessen tat mir nichts weh. Ich kann sagen es war für mich sehr schwer zu beschreiben, was exact weh tat und dann auch noch irgend eine Medizin finden...

Tag 15+ 16 - 28.+ 29. August 2012

Am  Dienstag fühlte ich mich immer noch nicht wohl und verbrachte den Tag zu Hause, und guckte einen Film. Ja es passierte nicht viel an dem Tag.
Am darauf folgenden Tag ging ich wieder in die Schule. Da ich am davorigen Tag nicht da war, bekam ich nicht mit, dass ich einen Test hätte schreiben müssen, hieß, dass ich am Donnerstag  1 Test und ein Quizz schreiben sollte. Nach der Schule fühlte ich mich erneut nicht wohl, den Rest des Tages verbrachte ich entweder in meinem Bett schlafend oder versuchte für die Tests zu lernen.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bowling and Birthday from Nikki

Tag 11 -24. August 2012

An dem Tag, hatten wir Picture Day, also Fototag. Ich ließ mein Foto während der Study Hall machen, was ganz praktisch war, ich verpasste nichts. Ja in der Schule passierte an dem Tag nicht all zu viel.
Als ich nach Hause kam fragte mich Mom ob ich nicht mit zum Bowlen kommen will oder lieber ein Footballspiel gucken will, ich entschied mich für bowlen. Für die die es nicht wissen, ich bin nicht besonders gut im bowlen :'D
Um 5 p.m. rum fuhren wir also nach Lafayette zum bowlen. Dort traffen wir ein paar Freunde meiner Gasteltern die mit uns bowlten. Bowlen war wirklich toll, auch wenn ich nicht sehr gut darin war... 
Danach gingen Nele, Caleb und ich zu Katies Apartment, dann gingen wir zu Walmart. Wow, das ist so GIGANTISCH riesig hier! D: Und ich meine RIESIG!  Da kann man wirklich alles finden! Im Walmart kauften wir dann Farbe, denn Nele wollte etwas an Katies' Wand malen.

Tag 12- 25. August 2012 

Ich schlief ziemlich lange, bis ca. 11 a.m.  Ja und bis ca. 4 p.m. schaute ich Nele beim bemalen der Wände zu und redte mit Nele,Caleb und Katie, es war echt interessant. Ja dann fuhren wir nach Buffalo, dort wartete der Rest der Familie schon auf uns, unteranderem auch Cousins, Eltern und Verwandte meiner Hostfamily.  Wir feierten den Geburtstag von Nikki, wir hatten ein Feuer und aßen Marshmallows und Smores, yummy!! Smores sind Kräcker mit Schokolade und einem Marschmallow dazwischen, echt super lecker!   Dann um ca. 11p.m. ging es wieder heim.

Me eating smores :D

Tag 13 - 26. August 2012 

Am Morgen  gingen wir wie üblich zu Kirche. Während der Predigt, sang Nele einen Song, das war SO schön! Leider auch traurig, da sie sich damit von allen verabschiedete, denn es hieß für sie wieder zurück nach Deutschland gehen.  Nach der Kirche gingen wir heim und da war wirklich JEDER! Wenn unser Haus nicht davor immer "voll" ist, an dem Tag war es das. Es waren ca. 15-20 Personen in unserem Haus!
Ich guckte mir ein paar Bilder zusammen mit Nikki an und guckte eine Serie mit Rost, danach ging es für uns Austauschschüler zum Haus unserer Koordinatorin. Erstes Treffen.
Es war wirklich toll all die anderen Austauschschüler zu sehen und ein paar kennen zulernen. Ich fand das wirklich toll, während des Meetings wurden uns wieder verschiedene Sachen erklärt, manche hatten wir schon während New York gehört.  Auch gab es lecker Essen :D Nach ca. 1-2 Stunden war es auch schon vorbei und Wasilia, Mom und ich fuhren zu Walmart um ein paar Schulsachen zu kaufen. Ich habe schon erwähnt, dass Walmart hier riesig ist, oder? :D
Auch finde ich es großartig, dass Läden hier am Sonntag offen haben! Ich hoffte, dass ich einen Adapter für meinen PC finden würde, tja leider nicht. 
Nach dem Einkaufen ging es wieder zurück nach Hause. 

Culture shock/ homesickness day and getting better

ok, dass wir jetzt wahrscheinlich ein extrem kurzer Beitrag...

Tag 9 - 22. August 2012

In der Schule erhielt ich mein Passwort für Yearbook, endlich konnte ich an meinem Malbuch arbeiten! Während Lunch saß ich wieder mit Nikki, doch ich wurde traurig, warum weiß ich nicht genau. In Spanish wurden die Austauschschüler zu einem Englishtest gerufen, dort wurde unser English getestet, ja und deswegen kam ich erstmal zu spät zu Earth Science. English war ok, wir hatten ein Quiz, das gut ausging!
Dann nach der Schule liefen Wasilia und ich nach Hause, dort machte ich meine Hausaufgaben und redete ein bisschen mit meiner Hostfamily. Doch etwas später wurde ich traurig, warum weiß ich nicht genau, ich fühlte mich einfach nicht gut. Aber zum Glück heiterte mich Nele und meine Hostfamily schnell wieder auf.

Tag 10 - 23. August 2012 

An diesem Tag war ich nicht mehr traurig, sondern richtig happy, mein "sad mood" verschwand.  In Lunch fragte ich ein paar Schüler ob ich nicht mit ihnen sitzen kann während Lunch. Auch die Fächer machen richtig Spaß.
Ich weiß gar nicht mehr was ich den Rest des Tages machte.. Aber das war nicht all zu wichitg.

Random facts:
In der Schule ist es fast so als ob ich fast meiner ganzen Familie begegne.
 In jedem Klassenzimmer ist ein "mechanischer" Bleistiftanspitzer an der Wand.
Statt Taschntücher benutzen sie hier Klopapier, und in jedem Klassenzimmer findet man eine Rolle Klopapier zum Nase putzen, manche verwendent trotzdem normale Taschentücher/Tempos.
Unterrichtsfächer sind 50 Mintuen lang.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012


 I just wanted to do this as memory to all those who lost their lifes on this day.  Because today is the day where the Twin Towers fell. September 11, 2001. It's now 11 years ago.
I don't know exactly why I feel so close to this now, maybe because I have been in New York and seen the memorial, and also maybe because I am just closer to all this than I was in Germany.
I just wish you to think about all those people who died at this day, all the people who have lost their friends, families, relatives.

I'm going to upload a new post tomorrow, when I find the time to do so. Maybe my next posts are going to be in English from now on, even though I'm not that sure about it, yet.

xoxo Clarissa

First school day

Tag 7 - 20. August 2012 Monday

Heute musste ich früh aufstehen, denn es hieß zur Schule gehen!  Ich war gar nicht mal so aufgeregt, ich dachte ich wäre total nervös und so, doch ich war es nicht. I
In der Schule wählte ich dann meine Fächer und wurde einer Klassenstufe zugeteilt, ich bin ein Junior, alles Austauschschüler werden an meiner Schule als Junior eingestuft. Junior entspricht der 11ten. Klasse, also der vorletzten. Mein Stundenplan sieht wie folgt aus:

- US History
- Study Hall
- MCV/ Yearbook
- Spanish 1
- Earth Science
- English 12

US History ist zwar etwas schwierig, aber ok.  Die Tests, die ich bis jetzt geschrieben habe, waren ok.  Zwar finde ich es nicht so toll wie der Lehrere unterrichtet, da wir die meiste Zeit nur etwas von einer Powerpoint presentation kopieren, aber egal :D
Sociology, ist auch ok, ich weiß noch nicht genau wie ich das Fach finden soll, haha.  Wir reden darin, im Moment hauptsächlich von verschiedenen Kulturen, was ganz interessant ist.
Ja dann hab ich Study Hall, heißt extra Zeit zum Lernen. Wenn ich nichts zum tun habe, ist es ziemlich langweilig, aber dann unterhalte ich mich eben etwas mit meinen Mitschülern. 
Yearbook class, ist eins meiner Lieblingsfächer. Auch wenn wir keinen wirklichen Lehrer haben und so gut wie keine Ahnung was wir eigentlich machen müssen, ist das Fach einfach nur toll. Wir arbeiteten bis jetzt am PC und machen ein paar Powerpointpresentationen und ein Coloring Book. Und in letzter Zeit habe ich für das Fach ein paar Bilder von Sports gemacht, das ist echt toll und macht Spaß!
Ja dann heißt es Lunch! Das Essen ist ganz gut, besser als das von meiner alten Schule.  Danach habe ich Spanish 1. Ich liebe dieses Fach!! Es ist auch eines meiner Lieblingsfächer. Die Lehrerin ist einfach nur nett und unterrichtet echt gut.  :)
Danach habe ich Earth Science, oh Gott, wie ich diese Fach hasse... Die Lehrerin unterrichtert so gut wie GAR NICHT... Wir müssen alles aus dem Buch lernen und jeden Tag Blätter ausfüllen, meist über 4-8 Seiten. Und das schlimmste ist, es sind total komplexe Wörte, die ich meist nur nach 2-3 mal lesen verstehe, ich hoffe so sehr da raus zu kommen...
Dann habe ich English 12. Es ist ok, der Lehrer ist nur ein bisschen crazy und redet zu viel, genau das Gegenteil von meiner Earth Science Lehrerin.  Ich bin in English 12, weil meine Lehrer meinten, dass mein English so gut sei, dass ich in die höchste Englischklasse komme! :D
 Schule geht hier von 8:00 a.m. - 3:05 p.m. Lunch ist um 11:50 -12:23 a.m. Schule ist hier soo lang!!

An dem Tag führte mich meine Coordinatorin in der Schule herum und zeigte mir meine Räume und wie das mit Lunch funktioniert. Danach ging ich wieder heim. Ich hatte die Möglichkeit an dem Tag zur Schule zu gehen oder am Tag darauf, ich beschloss am Dienstag zu gehen. 
Als ich heim kam, ging ich erstmal Gassi mit Sheila, dem Schäfterhund meiner Familie. Ich vermisse es so sehr täglich mit Varus Gassi zu gehen!! :(
Außerdem habe ich üben müssen mein Schloss für meinen Locker auf zu machen, ich habe wirklich den ganzen Tag dafür gebraucht!

Tag 8 -  21. August 2012 

Das war mein wirklicher erster Schultag in der Highschool! Nikki fuhr mich um 7:30 a.m. zu Schule, dort sollten wir Schüler erstmal in der Sporthalle warten,bis um 7:50 a.m.  Als ich in die Sporthalle kam begrüßten mich die Schüler nett und manche wussten sogar wie ich heiße, das überraschte mich. Meine erste Stunde war US History, dort guckten wir einen Fillm, ich verstand erstmal fast nichts und dann ein Papier darüber ausfüllen! Danach hatte ich Sociology, dort arbeiten wir als Gruppe an einer Umfrage über verschiedene Themen, das war ok.  Während der Stunde, war sowas wie eine Hymne, alle Schüler standen auf und sprachen das mit, dass durch den Lautsprecher gesagt wurde, das war für mich erstmal total seltsam. Dann hatte ich Study Hall, dort langweilte ich mich hauptsächlich, da ich ja nichts zum tun hatte. Auch in Yearbook, hatte ich nichts zum tun, da ich noch keinen Zugang zum PC hatte, das war doof.  Dann hatten wir Lunch, wow war ich davor nervös! Aber zum Glück traf ich dann Nikki und sie half mir mich zurecht zu finden und ich aß dann auch mit ihr Lunch. Daraufhin hatte ich Spanish, sie war die erste Lehrerin die mir konkrete Insturkionen gab und auch was ich für ihre Klasse brauche, ich versuchte alles zu verstehen und es machte einfach nur Spaß! Ja und dann hatte ich Earh Science. Die Lehrerin gab uns ein Blatt Papier und sagte wir sollten es bearbeiten, sagte uns die Seite im Buch und ja dann sollten wir daran arbeiten. Wow, ich hatte erstmal keine Ahnung was ich tun sollte und war so verloren. Danach hatte ich English 12. Oh wow. Wir laßen Beowulf, beziehungsweise unser Lehrer laß. Und wir hörten zu und versuchen alles zu verstehen. Nach seiner Stunde konnte ich kein einziges Wort mehr sprechen. Ich war zu k.o vom zuhören und versuchen zu verstehen. Ja nach der Schule war ich so unendlich K.O.
Nicht nur, wegen English auch weil ich es absolut nicht gewohnt war so lange Schule zu haben. Dann brachte uns Nikki, Wasilia, Marylin und mich nach Hause, dort war ich einfach nur so müde und wollte schlafen. Doch ich fand heraus, dass ich die Blätter von Earth Science als Hausaufgabe auf hatte. Ich glaube ich brauchte 2-3 Stunden bis ich das fertig hatte, mit Hilfe. Das war so hart zu verstehen!
Ach und übrigends, in der Schule ist es eisig kalt, da überall Klimaanlage an ist, ich hab, mal wieder, ständig gefrohren. Ja die Amerikaner lieben ihre Klimaanlage. 

My lock


Besucht doch auch meinen Fotoblog: http://clarissa-far-away.tumblr.com/  
Wer das Passwort braucht, schreibt mir einfach eine Nachricht und ich gebe es euch :) 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ankunft in Indiana!!

Tag 4- 17. August 2012

Ich musste um 3 Uhr aufstehen, duschen und den Rest packen.Gott ich war so müde! Ja um 3 Uhr aufstehen macht Spaß... Meine anderen Zimmerkollegen mussten jedoch noch früher raus und zum Bus, ich war die Letze aus unserem Zimmer die fuhr.  Ich glaube ich überprüfte das Zimmer 5-6 Mal, dass ich ja nichts vergessen habe bevor ich ging.
Ja und dann warteten wir erstmal im Bus, alle noch total müde. Auch bekamen wir etwas zu essen, zwei Riegel und ein Drink war es glaube ich. Eins weiß ich mit Sicherheit, einer der Reigel war so ekelhaft süß, ich konnte den anderen fast nicht essen.
Und dann kamen wir auch schon beim Flughafen an, nach ca. 30 Minuten - 1h. Wieder ganzes Gepäck schultern und ein checken!  Auf Englisch, natürlich! Ja ich hatte um die 10 (!!) kg Übergewicht, musste aber nix zahlen, hallelujah!! :'D
Dann mussten wir Austauschschüler, wir waren um die 5-6 Schüler, die zusammen anch Indiana flogen, ich war so happy, dass ich nicht alleine fliegen musste! , alles durch checken lassen. Aber da wir in Amerika sind, gab es hier natürlich mehr Regeln als in Deutschland. Wir mussten nicht nur den Laptop und Flüssigkeiten aus den Taschen nehmen, neein! Wir mussten auch unsere Jacken ausziehen, alle Ketten ablegen , wenn man hatte Gürtel ablegen und , das fand ich am komischsten die Schuhe ausziehen!  Aber ältere Menschen und kleine Kinder nicht. Ja wie gesagt, alles etwas anders als in Germany. Wow, ich habe mich so seltsam gefühlt, als ich das alles abgelegt hatte, keine Schuhe mehr an hatte und all das!
 Dann mussten wir durch die Sicherheitskontrolle, und danach wieder alles anlegen. Das hat natürlich erstmal gedauert, bis wir alle unsere Sachen an hatten. Danach hieß es warten. Nervöses Warten am Flughafen.  Dort haben wir uns erstmal etwas zum Essen gekauft und zum Trinken, als kleinen Tipp, in Amerika findet man kein Mineralwasser! Ich hoffte so sehr,dass es in Indiana Mineralwasser gibt.
Ja ich hatte mir einen Keks gekauft, der sah so aus wie die bei Subway, und der war süß, ich meine nicht normal süß sondern übertrieben süß. Ich nahm einen Bissen und konnte gute 20 Minuten nicht weiter essen!
Ja wir mussten, dann ca. 1-2 Stunden warten, immer wieder verließ uns jemand und wir mussten Good-bye sagen. Ja und dann ging es auch schon los!!
Als dann Indiana in Sicht kam, freakten wir etwas aus. Wir Austauschschschschüler redeten alle durcheinander und waren SO aufgeregt!! Als wir aus dem Flugzeug stiegen, waren wir noch mehr aufgeregt! Erstmal alle zur Toilette gerannt und geguckt wie wir aussehen  etc. Dann gingen wir eine lange Halle entlang, wir hatten so Angst, dass unsere HF schon auf uns warten würden. Ja als wir dann unsere Koffer holen wollten, mussten wir um eine Biegung und da warteten schon unsere Familie auf uns! Oh Gott, als wir ein paar winken sahen, redeten wir alle wieder aufgeregt durcheinander. Ja und dann kam der große Augenblick, das erste Zusammentreffen mit meiner Gastfamilie. Auf mich wartete zum Glueck nicht die ganze Familie sondern nur mein Hostdad, meine Hostmom und Nele. Nele war eine Autauschschuelerin vor ca. 3 Jahren und besuchte meine Hostfamilie jedes Jahr. Ich kam also eher angeschwankt, als gelaufen und mein Gastdad und Gastmom, nahmen mir erstmal mein schweres Gepäck ab.Dann holten wir meinen Koffer und dann fuhren wir von Indianapolis in meine neue Heimatstadt.
Mein Hostdad zu mir, auf dem Weg: "You have two pairs of Mom and Dad now" :)
Auf dem Weg hielten wir erstmal bei McDonalds und ich probierte meinersten Sweet Tea, I freaking love it!! Und der Becher war richtig groß! Und das war für die "small"! Unteranderem aßen wir noch etwas, und meine Hostparents mussten mir erstmal erklären was a cucumber and  pickle ist, cucumber =Gurke; pickle= Salzgurke. Ja und um mir das zu erklären brachte uns die Bedienung sogar eine Salzgurke. :'D
Auch hielten wir in Lafayette und ich lernte Katie kennen, sie arbeitete zu dem Zeitpunkt gerade. Wir waren also in the Mall und oh wow, das ist so gigantisch! 
Dann  wenig später kamen wir in Monon an. Das erste das ich sah war die Schule, da wir Marylin abholten.
Auch traf ich Nikki und Wasilia.
Ansonsten ging ich zur Tankstelle  und wir holten was zum Trinken, a slushy. Wow das was soo süß! Habe ich schon erwähnt, dass hier alles ungefähr doppelt oder dreifach so süß ist, als in Germany?
Ja während des Tages lernete ich noch den Rest der Familie kennen.

Tag 5 -18. August 2012

An diesem Tag waren wir bei meinen neuen Großeltern. Mein Großvater war schonmal in Deutschland gewesem und fragte mich mehrere Sache über Deutschland. Er war sogar in München!
Gegen Abend hatten wir dann ein Lagerfeuer und aßen Smores, so genial! Das ist ein Marschmallow, Schokolade und Kräcker, gemacht wie ein Sandwich und soo gut! 

Tag 6- 19.August 2012 

Am Morgen ging ich das erste Mal in die Kirche hier in Amerika, ich war soo nervös!! Ich weiß gar nicht genau warum. Egal, die Menschen die ich traff waren alle super nett und hießen mich in Amerika willkommen. Kirche hier in Amerika, ich ziemlich anders als ich es gewohnt war, erst gingen wir zur Jugendgruppe,  dort redeten die Jugentlichen einfach nur über die Geschehnisse der letzten Tage, das war für mich ziemlich anstengend, denn ich vestand nicht viel was sie sagten. Dann ging es zur eigentlichen Predigt. Während des Prozesses, sagen sie immer wieder Lieder, aber ohne Orgel oder so, sondern mit Gitarre oder Musik vom PC, das fand ich ziemlich cool.
Nach der Kirche gingen wir zu den Dünen in Indiana, wir bedeutet die Jugengruppe und ich. Das war soetwas wie ein Strand. Dort war ich jedoch nur einmal kurz im Wasser, nicht dass es sehr kalt war oder so, es war recht warm. Dann lieferten wir uns einen Wettstreit, wer am schnellsten die Düne hochlaufen kann. Der Blick von Oben war sehr schön, man konnte sogar etwas Chicago's Skyline sehen. Als wir wieder runterkamen, beschlossen wir Nele im Sand einzugraben, das war wirklich lustig!  Auch Kariden wurde eingegraben und Nikki und ich haben ein paar Fotos gemacht. Das hat so viel Spaß gemacht! Ja und dann ging es auch schon zurück nach Hause.

Bilder folgen später! Der nächste Post wir wahrscheinlich über meinen ersten Schultag sein!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hello from America!!

Hey :D
Endlich konnte ich mal Zeit finden hier rein zuschreiben. Ich bin jetzt schon fast 3 Wochen in America.
Und ich kann sagen I LOVE AMERICA! :D

Ok, aber jetzt erstmal von Anfang an. Und ich weiß jetzt schon, dass dieser Beitrag etwas lang wird, die ersten 3 Tage in Amerika! 

Tag 1 - 14. August 2012

Am  Abreisetag wachte ich um 4 Uhr morgens auf, ich war so müde! Aber um 5 Uhr hieß es schon auf zum Zug und zum Flughafen! Bis dahin war ich noch nicht all zu  aufgeregt. Auch der Abschied von Sybille war irgendwie unreal... Ich konnte es nicht ganz begreifen, dass ich sie tatsächlich für die nächsten 10 Monate nicht sehen werde.
Jup und dann ging es auch schon los. 3 Stunden Zugfahrt. Dann kamen wir am Flughafen an. Wow, der war riesig! Ich hatte echt Angst wir würden den Treffpunkt nicht finden. Ok erst fanden wir ihn nicht, aber letztendlich  taten wir es doch. Wir trafen dort erstmal alle Steppies, die an dem Datum nach New York fliegen würden.
Alle waren wir sehr aufgeregt. Ja und kurz danach ging es auch schon los.Gott, ich kann sagen mein Handgepäck war soo schwer, ich war so froh endlich im Flieger zu sitzen, denn dann musste ich mein Gepäck nicht mehr herumtragen!
Die 8:30 h die wir geflogen sind, vergingen ziemlich schnell. Während des Fluges mussten wir unteranderm ein Dokument über Einführungszeug ausfüllen, das war ok, auch wenn ich erstmal dachte oh Gott, ich verstehe nichts... Aber die Flugassistenten halfen uns beim ausfüllen.
Dann kam der Moment, der Momente, wir landeten in Newark, New York!
 Total aufgeregt, aber auch etwas k.o. kamen wir also in Newark an. Dort mussten wir durch so eine Kontrolle, bei welcher wir unser Visum vorzeigen mussten. Dann holten wir unsere Koffer. Draußen erwartete uns schon eine Frau von PAX. Wir sollten zu unserem Bus, alle total beladen, hin und her gelaufen, da wir nicht wussten wo wir hin sollten und unseren Bus nicht fanden. Als wir  ihn dann endlich fanden waren wir alle sehr froh im Bus zu sitzen. Erst da realisierte ich langsam, dass ich tatsächlich in New York war!
Während wir fuhren, redeten alle aufgeregt durch einander und schossen Fotos. Es war witzig zu hören,wenn jemand z.B sagte "Guckt dort die Skyline von New York!" und plötzlich all ihre Fotoapperate zückten und Fotos machten.
Ich weiß gar nicht  genau wie lange wir nach Long Island fuhren, aber es war faszinierend zu sehen wie die Häuser plötzlich Pflanzen platz  machten. Man merkte wirklich, dass man einen anderen Bereich von New York betrat.  Während unserer Fahrt habe ich die ganzen US-Flaggen gezählt und ich kam auf unglaubliche 102 Falggen, auch sah ich ein Auto welches nur 3 Türen hatte und eine fehlte bei der Fahrerseite und der Fahrer fuhr mit dem Auto als ob das etwas total normales wäre. Ich fand das irgendwie witzig.
Als wir dann endlich an der Adelphy University ankamen, waren wir alle sehr froh, denn wir waren ziemlich k.o. von der langen Anreise. Dort hieß man uns erstmal willkommen, machte ein Foto und gab uns die Zimmernummer und Karte. Tja leider hatte ich kein Zimmer, denn die Nummer die  ich hatte war die für den Trash room. Also musste ich erstmal zu einem PAX Mitarbeiter  und die Situation erklären, bis ich eindlich ein Zimmer hatte. Doch  ausruhen konnte ich nicht wirklich, denn dann hieß es auch schon Dinner und Welcome Meeting. Dort hieß PAX uns alle, nicht nur die Deutschen auch Schüler von Japan, Südkorea,Frankreich, Venezuela,Mexico und Indien willkommen. Alle PAX Mitglieder stellten sich kurz vot und es wurden die Regeln erklärt und auch was uns in den 3 Tagen erwartet. Dann hatten wir eine Hip-Hop Vorstellung. Das war so schön! Wirklich toll! Zu dem Zeitpunkt begriff ich erst richtig, dass ich in New York,Amerika war! Ich war auf einen Schlag so glücklich und stolz darauf, das war wirklich ein einzigartiges Gefühl.
Ja danach gingen wir alle in unsere Zimmer, es war schließlich ein aufregender Tag für uns alle und wir waren alle sehr müde von der Anreise. Ich war mit zwei anderen Deutschen in einem Zimmer.
Die Adelphy University war recht groß und sehr grün. Der Campus hatte auch mehrere Kunstwerke und, das war was mich am Meisten faszinierte war, dort liefen Hasen frei herum genauso wie Eichhörnchen!!! So cute!

Tag 2 - 15. August 2012
An diesem Tag hieß es früh aufstehen. Wir mussten um ca. 7 Uhr beim Frühstück sein, welches echt gut war. Dann wurden wir in Gruppen und Busse eingeteilt, das war etwas chaotisch, da es nach Farben ging und sie nicht ganz eindeutig waren. Dann saßen wir auch schon im Bus Richtung New York City. Während der Fahrt war ich einfach nur so unglaublich happy in New York sein zu können!
Natürlich wurde auf dem Weg zur Stadt viele Bilder gemacht, beziehungsweise versucht zu machen, denn der Bus hat nur so geholpert!! Mama, das wäre nichts für dich gewesen :D
Der erste wirkliche Eindruck von der Stadt war einfach nur gigantisch. Überall um einen herum riesige Wolkenkratzer und so viele beschäftigte Menschen!
In der Stadt holten wir unsere Guide ab. Unser erstes Ziel war: Rockefeller Center!
Wow, als wir unten standen und ich hochguckte, ich wurde etwas nervös da tatsächlich hoch zu fahren! Denn wir mussten 79 Etagen hochfahren, aber  die Sicht war es alle mal wert! Es war so wunderschön, New York von so oben zu sehen! Auch wenn es etwas nebelig war. Wir waren für ca. 20-30 Minuten, oder weniger oben und schossen Fotos und genossen  einfach diese tolle Aussicht. Ja und dann ging es auch schon wieder runter.
Unser nächstes Ziel war: Central Park!
Der war einfach nur riesig und schön!! Wir haben ein paar Statuen angeguckt und ein Gruppenfoto gemacht. Ja und dann ging es auch schon zu unserem 3. Ziel, dem  Times Square!
Dort liefen wir zu zweit rum, ich lief mit Lusia! :)
Als erstes aßen wir Lunch bei McDonalds und dann gingen wir zu verschiedenen Gift Stores und guckten uns dort ein bisschen um, ich habe mir nur eine Sache gekauft, nämlich einen New York/USA Teddy, ich fand den einfach nur süß! Ich kann sagen, der Times Square ist einfach nur gigantisch, überall sind Werbetafeln die blinken und sich verändern, alles ist bunt unnd so voll! Also es war wirklich toll! :D
Ja und dann waren wir auch noch im M&M Shop, als man da hinein lief und die Luft einatmete dachte man schon man nimmt zu! Es war nämlich eine süßliche, stickige Luft. :D
Während der Zeit beim Times Square regente es immer wieder, das war schon ziemlich nervig, nass und kalt, bäh!  Ja und ab da regente es immer und immer wieder.
Ja und dann ging es auch schon wieder zum Bus.
Unser nächstes Ziel war One World Trade Center bzw. Twin Tower Memorial  als wir aus dem Bus stiegen, fing es richtig heftg an zu regnen und wir mussten zu dem Memorial rennen um halbwegs trocken zu beleiben. Dort verbrachten wir nicht all zu lange Zeit, wir lasen hauptächlich was auf den Schildern stand.
Ja und dann ging es auch schon zu unserem letzten Ziel Statue of Liberty and Liberty Island. 
Der Mann, der alles kommentierte als wir schließlich auf dem Boot waren: Don't worry guys, on this ship nobody will scream iceberg,iceberg! So we won't hit a iceberg in the worst case we'll just hit another boat."
Ja er fand sich super lustig und machte während der gesamten Fahrt immer wieder Witze, die nicht immer lustig waren... Aber wir hatten Glück,denn während der gesamten Fahrt regnete es nicht!!  Ja es wurden mal wieder viele Bilder geschossen. :D
Dann bekamen wir einen Cupon für Essen und Trinken, bei der Mall gleich neben dem Hafen. Ich ass einen Hotdog. Yummy! Die restliche Zeit liefen Luisa, Vera und noch jemand (nein, nicht Lorena...  oder ? ) und ich in der Mall herum und guckten uns verschiedene Stores an, die hatten sogar einen Christmas Store der offen hatte!!   Ja und dann ging es auch schon zurück zur University. Total k.o., durch gefrohren, dank dem Regen und der ständigen Klimaanlage, die hier IMMER an zu seinen scheint (!), ich frohr so sehr an dem Tag, wirklich!,  und unseren tollen Erlebnissen fielen wir alle ziemlich schnell ins Bett.

Tag 3 -16. August 2012

In der Früh hieß es relativ früh aufstehen und Frühstücken. Ich war leicht angeschlagen, aber ansonsten ging es mir gut, trotz dem schlechten Wetter davor! An dem Morgen gab es leckeres amerikansiches Frühstück. Danach hatten wir erstmal ein Orientation Meeting, bei dem Regeln und so für Sexual abuse erklärt wurde,. Unteranderem war dann sowas wie ein theaterstück über die PAX Giraffe und den Strauß. War ganz süß. Daraufhin gab es erstmal Lunch, welches echt lecker war und dann wurden wir zu unseren Regional Coordinators geschickt. Indiana hatte eine ALLEINE!! Alle anderen hatten einen Coordinator, der für 2 Staaten zuständig war, das fand ich irgendwie lustig.
Während des Meetings wurde uns mal wieder die Regeln und alles mögliche erklärt. Ja es war ok. Dann hatten wir Freizeit, mit Activitäten. Wenn man wollte,konnte man Volleyball und Frisbee spielen.
Ich unterhielt mich lieber mit einem Mädchen aus Indien. Sie war die einzige Austauschschülerin aus Indien und wir unterhielten uns ein bisschen über ihr und mein Land, über unsere Vorstellungen vom ATJ und so weiter. Das war wirklich toll und interessant undi ch hab sie echt lieb gewonnen.  Am dritten Tag, war es so als ob die verschiedenen Kulturen sich endlich mischten und nicht jedes Land bei seinen "Leuten" blieb. Ich unterhielt mich unteranderem auch mit Students aus Venezuela oder Mexico. Das war wirklich toll und interessant und hat echt Spaß gemacht! Danach hatten wir eine internationale Dance Party und die Japaner kamen in ihren traditionellen Kimono!! Und ich habe ein Foto mit ihnen!!! Waah ich bin so happy deswegen, haha! Ja, es war einfach nur super spaßig und toll, ich fühlte mich irgendwie wie in einer Familie, der PAX/ Austauschschüler Familie, das war ein wirklich tolles und einzigartiges Gefühl und Erlebnis.
So alles in allem kann ich sagen New York war genial!! Nach der Dance Party hieß es erstmal PACKEN! Und möglichst schnell schlafen gehen. Manche gingen nicht mal schlafen, denn sie mussten um 2 a.m. zum Bus, der sie zum Flughafen brachte. Ich war da etwas glücklicher mein Bus ging erst um 3:45 a.m.  :'D (Du hast die Wahl der Qual, richtig Nathi? )

Mama and I

During the flight
I'm in America! 79 floors!! Wuhu! :D

Tut mir Leid, dass sie nicht alle ganz in Reihenfolge sind.