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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fall party and First Baskteball practice

Hey! So I finally have time again to write here, I'm sorry that I'm so slow in updating! Anyhow, this post is about the fall party at Trudy's and Basketball.

Day 67 21. October 2012

That day was the fall party at Trudy's house. I woke up full of energy, in church we had revival again, the work ship was interesting, the pastor played some very great songs and they even had a drama, I like it very much. After church Mom drove Wasila and me to Trudy's house.
As we arrived I talked with some Germans and also a Basilian girl.  We ate and drank some thing and then went to the fire to eat some Marshmallows, we even found some cracker and Belgium chocolate so we could prepare S'mores. I love S'mores!! After eating we started to carve our pumpkins, it was so much fun even though it had been real slimy. After all of us had finished we took a picture of us and our pumpkins.
We also played a little bit Basketball, we threw some free throws, I was so bad in it! But it was a lot of fun. Afterwards a few of us went inside and ate and talked with the other exchange students. I really loved the fall party, it was so much fun!
At 5 Dad and Jerry came to pick Wasilia, Rost and me up. They had a lot of pizzas with them which we should bring to our church. Dad said to me "When there are some missing, I know who ate it."
At church we went to the basement and ate pizza and played a game called "signs".  Afterwards we had revival again.
That day was really exhausting but great!

Day 68 - 22. October 2012 Monday

That day should be my very first basketball practice!  The beginning of the day wasn't that great because I was entirely tired. But I also was extremely nervous and also excited because of basketball.
The first 30 minutes were murderous to me. Our coach made us run 30 minutes up and down the court, dribbling,passing, and RUNNING. Afterwards I was done.  I almost passed out and saw stars in front of me, it was really hard. After those 30 minutes which are called "Dirty 30" we had regular practice, means transitions. I couldn't really participate because I was so exhausted. Also it was hard to understand everything but luckily my teammates explained everything to me.
After practice dad waited for me to drive me home, I was so thankful for that. At home I didn't have time to rest because really soon afterwards we went to church, there we had a chili  supper, which was really good, hot and spicy. The we had revival again. At home I pretty much just fell into my bed I was really tired.

Day  69- 23. October 2012

The only real thing inca say about that day is that I was really sore, I could not really walk. Practice was a little bit better than the day before,  but not very much. We did the same things Iike the day before.

Day 70 - 24. October 2012 

That day I barely could walk, I was extremely sore. I even thought about quitting basketball. But luckily some of my teammates cheered me up again and gave me back my positive attitude. In Sociology we had an open book test. Means filling out a test with the book next to you which you can use and when you didn't finish it you could take the "test" home and work on it. I really like the tests over here! Mostly they have multiple choices, matching or short answers/essays.
In basketball the dirty 30 were murderous to me,  I even had to rest several times and ran out of breath very fast and everything hurt so bad.
After practice we went to church, the last day of revival. I was a little bit sad that it was already over, I like it.

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