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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Prudue & Revival

Day 62- 16. October 2012 

That day I skyped with Mama again. I felt good afterwards, not homesick or anything which is great! Soon afterwards Mom,Dad,Kori and I went to Kariden's volleyball tournament. It was real interesting and I liked it very much! They even won!! After the game we went to Walmart and I got some salami! Yeah I haven't eaten salami since I left Germany, haha. Well now I have some again, yeah.

Day 63 -17.October 2012

After I got from school Dad, Kariden, Nikki  and I went to church were the rest of the youth group waited. As we drove to Laffayette it started storming but luckily it stopped as we arrived there!  We went to a house which was real beautiful and huge!There we ate  Pizza cookies and drank some pop, also I talked a little bit with someone from Austria, in German!  As we went outside the youthleaders gave us some riddles we had to solve,  we walkedalmost  through the whole Prudue campus, it was so much fun! :)
As we got into a room were we met other  youth kids. To get to know each other we played bingo, that reminded me so much of the VBS! Then we sang songs and listened to a presentation, which was real interesting! He used rhetorical questions and jokes which made the presentation real good! As we drove back home I was in a really good mood!

Day 65- 19. October 2012

After Study Hall the juniors and seniors were called to the audiotorium were some teacher did a presentation about texting and driving. Several students had been called to  do a simulation in a car.Most of them killed a pedestrian xDD Then during lunch was a video about that topic,too. Also we should watch a video about accidents because of texting/drinking and driving during spanish class, everybody again to the audiotorium, but because they showed a lot of blood and one student threw up it had been cancled.
After school I didn't do very much, just watched TV.

Day 66- 21.October 2012 

That day was the first day of Revival in our church.  It was just like normal church, and yes I know I still have to do a post about church, I'm sorry for that!... Anyways, this time didn't preach our pastor another pastor from another church did.  With that pastor it was real intersting, he even made some jokes, the songs were great and they even had a drama! I enjoyed it a lot! As we got home I ate the left over french toast I once made. But Omis are way better!!  Then Mom and I went to Walmart.  We talked a lot, it was so much fun! :) At Walmart we bought a pumpkin carving kit and other things.

My next post will be about the Halloween/Fall party at Trudy's house :) I hope I can catch up with today, soon! I will try my best!

xoxo Clarissa

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