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Thursday, November 15, 2012

First Basketball game, fall award festival

Day 82- 5. November 2012 Monday

After school I stayed at the school until 4 because then we met with Tracy, our coach to get our uniforms, we should have our very first basketball game! Even though it was just a scrimmage, a game which doesn't count, I was really nervous. After we got our uniforms we got into the bus, a yellow school bus! I was so excited! The first time I rode in a yellow school bus, to my very first game!!!  As we arrived at the other school I was really nervous as we walked through that huge school. Since I play JV, junior varsity, we had to play during the 3 rd quarter. Before the varsity game started everyone rose and listened to the national anthem, like before every game, the the vasity played the first 3 quarters, I was so nervous the whole time, then in the 3rd quarter it was the JV's turn.  I was a sub and played about 6 minutes or so, I was so afraid.  But I guess I did ok for my first time playing against another school. A brand new experience for me! :)  And I just can get better right?
Our team lost the game but it was ok for me, at least it was just a scrimmage.

Day 84- 7. November 2012 

After practice and a quick rest at home we went back to the school, because the fall athletes had a fall award festival. Every student who participated in the fall sports got something like a diploma and some got special awards for best improvement, team spirit etc. Some got a blanket r a school leather jacket. The whole award festival was really interesting and fun! Kariden and Nikki both got something, they were in Volleyball, Nikki in varsity and Kari in 8th grade volleyball.  Mom told me that also the winter athletes have such a festival, I can''t wait for that! Because I'll be among them! Afterward the awards had been given to the students, we saw a video about the volleyball varsity team.Afterwards everyone got ice-cream and pictures had been taken. Jup it was interesting to see that and I think it is a good idea and way  to support the athletes!!

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