Ab August werde ich 10 Monate im Land der unbegrenzten Möglichkeiten leben!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Halloween and different things

Day 72 - 26. October 2012 Friday

Even though we had fall break I had to get up at 7 that morning. The reason for that was basketball practice, as I got up everybody was still asleep, I tried to not wake up anybody except Nikki who had to drive me to school. In school everybody was like : " I'm sure I'll pass out today!" the  dirty 30 were really though on all of us, Lexi even tripled. But the coaches told me I got better in shooting free throws, I was so happy ! The practice is always two hours long. 
At home I simply slept a lot because I was so tired. At the evening we had the birthday party for Katrina. Once again our house were full of people. :)

Day 73 - 27. October 2012 Saturday

I had to wake up early again, at 9 am because of Basketball Free Throw . We had to shot 500 free thows, 4 hours long. From 10am -2 pm. Luckily we hadn't to run this time I was so extremly happy!! Also I did really well, once I even got 9/20! So in the end I managed to get 101/500. I was so proud of that. At half-time we got pizza and pop from our coaches.
Today the kids went trick and treading even though it wasn't Halloween, yet. 
At 6 pm we went to Granpa's house with all of the youth group. There we ate some good chili and afterwards we played a game, it was so cold outside but I got the coat from Mom, so I was warm. The game was about finding hidden puzzle pieces with the help of bible phrases. We were seperated into two groups and our group lost the game... But it way still very much fun! Afterwards we played "Kids of the corn field" That is like hide and seek in a cornfield. Laura and I hid together, it was super much fun! We've been the last one in the field and won the game, we were really good in hiding, we head toward a street, walking low, silently and stopped to listen where the others are at.
When ever we heard them close to us we changed our dircetion. Luckily it wasn't that dark so it
wasn't creepy walking through the corn field in the night. At almost the end Laura wrote a message to Dad asking him what we're supposed to do xD He told us that we won the game! :D

Day 77 -31. October 2012 Wednesday -Halloween

Jup, Halloween. If you can believe it or not I really forgot about it compleatly! I remembered it again
as I saw different students being dressed up in school.  But the rest of the day I had no real time to worry about that, after school I had again basketball practice which wasn't that hard on me. after 
practice Nikki picked me up from the school and we drove to the church. We had a spaghetti dinner. I liked it very much!  Also I talked with Wasilia about her presentation she has to do for PAX about her country. So like you see I did nothing Halloween like on Halloween but that doesn't bother me much.

Day 79- 2. November 2012

Even though it was a Saturday it felt like a Friday, because once again basketball practice. As I got home at 10 am, we ate breakfast which felt like lunch to me and soon after got into the car to get to Lafayette. Katrina got her very first haircut that day!  In the mall I searched for jeans and a coat but just found some jeans.  After we " gave up " searching for a coat we ate at a chinese restaurant, it was real good! Also we font some pretzels, I got one with almonds on it, it were so extremely delicious! 
Afterwards we went to Jerry's house and ate a very good fish and just stayed there a few hours. Back home I soon went to bed because I was extremly tired. :)

I can't believe it's already November!! It feels like I just got out of the plane and left Germany! 

Random "facts":
Seems like Americans love it to count, especcially when someone is in trouble!
There are corn fields everywhere! - What's around me? Left side, corn field. Right side, corn field.
Behind me, corn fields. In front of me, corn fields. xD

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