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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Finals and other things

Day 50 -3. October 2012 Wednesday

In school nothing real interesting happened.  At home I sat downstairs and listened to the conversations talked and laughed. Also once Mom told Dad that she has to go to the kids room real quick  and he shouldn't sit on her place. Guess what happened? The exact opposite happened and then both of them started wrestling about that place it was hilarious! I laughed so much ,it was so funny!
Also Dad said  to one boy because he was crying: "It's no shame to cry. I'll cry when a special German has to fly back to Germany, too"
Yes also we went to church and after church Rost, Austin and I played a little bit Basketball.

Day 53 -6. October 2012

That was the day I skyped the first time with my family at home. I had time because nobody was home at that time. My family was at the volleyball game from Nikki. As I finally came downstairs everybody was home again. We ate lunch and soon after they had to leave again, to Karidens volleyball game. I stayed at home with Rost, Jersy and the little kids and watched TV.
As Nikki came back home she told me that the two of us would go eating, soon. I was excited because of that :D We went to Subway, it was the first time I was in a Subway here in America so Nikki explained everything to me. The people looked at me as if we were crazy because Nikki explained everything to me, but we told them that I'm an exchange student from Germany and the salesperson asked me whether I'm speaking German, in German! That was so funny. I answerd him in German, haha I guess he didn't understand that. xD Yeah as we ate Nikki talked about 2 1/2 hours, I was so great! Afterwards we went to some people Nikki knew, they had a very cute and happy baby. That baby was on of the most happiest babyies I've ever met, she smiled all the time! Then as we drove home we wanted to rent some movies but we couldn't find a good one which intersted us so we just went home.

Day 57- 10. October 2012 

That day we went through  Study guides in History and Sociology for the 9 week finals which started on Thursday, the day after  this one. It's an exam about the things we learned the last 9 weeks. In Yearbook we had a guest speaker again, he told us more about the ladder we have  to create.
In English we had a quizz again and our teacher danced his quizz dance again, it's just so amazing! 
The rest of the day I mostly spent with studing for Earth Science and Sociology.

Day 58- 11. October 2012

 Start of the 9 week exams.
And exactly that day I started not feeling that well.  In History we continued watching a movie and in Sociology we wrote an exam, I did very well in it! We got it back at the end of the period and I have 100 % yeah!  In Yearbook we had to write an exam aswell but just about what we've acconplished in that time. Then in Earth Science we wrote another exam, this had 100 questions on it!  But I did quiet well on it.
The rest of the day I studied for 3 exams on Friday.

Day 59 -12. October 2012

The day didn't start well either, my head and throat hurt. Before the classes Gabriel told me about an e-mail from our Coordinator about a trip, I became so curious!  In History, Spanish and English we had 9 week exams. I did ok. And in all the other classes I had mostly Study Hall, meant studing for  the exams.
As I got home Nikki told me that she has to leave for a football game, she's the manager, so I was left alone at home for a while. At about 7 pm I went to Wasilia's house. I should spent the night at her house. There I knocked at the door but mobody opened, I was afraid that nobody would be home, but luckly Wasilia was. We went upstairs and most of the time we listened to music, German, English and African music, it was a lot of fun and we laughed a lot.

Day 60- 13. October 2012

Even though it was a Saturday I woke up really early, at 9 am! Wasilia and I listened to music and  played a little bit Flow. Then I went with Wasilia, her Hostdad and hostsister to Walmart. It was fun, we walked through Walmart a long time because we never could find what we were searching for because it is so huge!
As we went back I told Wasilia that I want to go back to our house again. There I didn't do very much, I was at the laptop the rest of the day.

Day 61- 14. October 2012

2 months. I couldn't believe I was /am in America now 2 months.. :)
That day nothing real interesting happened. The day started like always with church. This time we didn't do very much, we mostly talked. Back home I just sat around and waited until 6, again church.

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