Ab August werde ich 10 Monate im Land der unbegrenzten Möglichkeiten leben!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Day 46- 29. September 2012 Saturday

I sleep very long that day until 11:30 am!  Sometime later I went to the park with Kariden and the three little kids. It was great just to walk a little bit and watch them  playing.After we got back  Mom, Kariden and I went to the gas station and at 7 pm  we went to friend of my hostfamily who are also the youth leaders.  they have 7 kids and two boys of them had birthday and in the house there were so much people!! Cousins, all the kids, my hostfamily, aunts, uncles...  But I  liked it and didn't feel uncomfortable. Well I took a picture of Jordan and her cousin and in that picture her cousin has bright red eyes! And we were making fun of that the whole night!  Then once we went to buy something and drove to a store. As we came back we got our of the car and Jordan,Jersy and Kariden said " Get to the other car!" and ran to another car, I was so confused I didn't know what was going on.  Also they asked me wether I wanted to stay over night.  As we got to the other car we went to get some ice cream and they had Reese ice cream!! Wow that was super delicious! I love Reeses!  As we got back I said bye to Mom and Dad because Kariden and I stayed there. Almost the whole  time Jordan and I were joking around because of the one picture! It was hilarious!

Day 47- 30. September 2012

That morning we had to wake up early because of church. After church we ate lunch in church which was very good. After we got home I became so tired. Also I went  to the gas station with Jersy and Jordan and got some Reeses, I love them so very much! Until 6 I looked through some pictures with Mom until we went to church. After church I didn't do much, just watched a movie and soon after went to bed.

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