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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Spirit Week and Homecoming!

Ok first of all:
What if Spirit/ Homecoming week?!

For those who don't know that, Spirit week is a week where all high school students dress up to a motto each day  to show their school spirit and motivate their football team to be very good and win at the game on Friday. That game is called Homecoming. Because it is at home, at the school.  It is really fun.

Day 35. - 17. September 2012 Monday

Pajama Day ( No I didn't spell that wrong, that's the way they write it here!! I also was very confused as I say it written with 'aj' first. )

Yep the Monday was Pajama Day, and everybody came to school in a Pajama. I felt so funny wearing a Pajama during school the whole day but it was also very much fun because everybody wore their pajama. It was just like  unit, so amazing, I really like that!
Well after I came from school I just slept, I was so tired! For dinner we had Chili dogs, soo good!!  Yeah that was mostly my day.

Day 36. -18. September 2012 Tuesday 

Cowgirl/Cowboy Day

That day was Cowgirl and Cowboy day. During Vikes I wandered around with some students from my yearbook class and took pictures of  the students who were dressed up. It was fun!  Also I got my apple ID for the Ipad during Study Hall  means I could finally use the Ipad fully.
At home I simply did my homework and in the afternoon we went to the volleyball game from Kariden..

Day 37. -19.September 2012 Wednesday

Twin Day 

On Twinday I was the twin of Wasilia. She and I wore both our school Shirts and black pants.
During Vike I and the other exchange students had a meeting with our local coordinator in the library. We were suprised seeing her. She asked us what athletics or clubs we have joined. Also she told us some upcoming things in the next months.  It was a lot of fun talking with her!
The rest of the day nothing real interesting happened.
After our classes Wasilia and I went to Quizzbowl. That's something like "Who wants to be a millionaire?"
And you are in a team and can discuss the question together. That was until 5 pm. I didn't like it that much. Whenever the teacher read a question I just understood the half of it, I just didn't like it.
At home  at 6pm almost everybody went to church, I stayed at home and read in my book I havee to reaad for the AR test.

Day 38 -20.September 2012 Thursday

College Day

On College Day I wore Katies college sweatshirt and I was so great warm! Until Spanish nothing real interesting happened. In Earth Science we had like a Study Hall because the teacher had nothing to do for us, that was so great! In English we had a guest speaker and we also talked about pronouns. After school I went to Quizz bowl again and I decited to not go to Quizz bowl anymore, I prefer to do Basketball, I got some paper from the office and showed it to Mom.
As I first came home Mom called me to the kitchen and showed me our dinner, Mexican soup, very spicy and hot!  It was so good!

Day 39- 21. September 2012 Friday

Viking Day

Friday meant Homecoming Day or Viking Day. In school we had short periods, means the classes were just 45 minutes long. That was really confusing to me. We just had Lunch after Spanish, that was strange.
After the classes we had Pep Ralley Session. I also participated in it, it was fun!!
The Pep Sesion is to show pride of the school and school spirit. And during that the students do some "games" to show that. Also the cheerleaders danced which was really amazing, I loved it!  And 3 teachers got pied. Means a student throws a pie into the teachers face. That  was so hilarious!  The pie splashed everywhere!
After Prep Session  Nikki drove us home because it rained. After we got home, Mom,Dad, Kariden the little kids and I went to the homecoming parade. I liked it even though I thought it would be bigger. Then soon after that we went to the homecoming football game. It rained and I was real freezing! My feet were numb as the game was finally over. In the break  the homecoming gueen and king got their crowns. They were dressed in a  dress  or suit. But they also froze! I was so sorry for them, I mean I was frozen and I had a jacket and pants on.
After the football game there was a dance. But I didn't go to it, it was to frozen and just wanted to go home.
At home I simply tried to get warm again and went to bed, I was so tired!

Day 40 -22. September 2012 Saturday

On Saturday I slept in, that was so great! After breakfast I watched a little bit TV and waited for Nikki, we wanted to drive to  Buffallo to Grandma and Grandpas house. At 2 pm we drove to Buffallo. There were my hostfamily, the sister of my hostmom with their family and exchange student Rost.
Nikki and I went to a gasstation and she showed me the places were she grew up and told me some stories about it. After dinner Nikki, Kariden and I went home to pcik up Jordan. We four drove to Pizza Hut and wow I really like that Pizza ans the breadsticks! Funny ti me was that I was the only one who really ate much, haha usually I'm the one who doesn't eat that much, that was kind of funny.
Afterwards we went to a red box, where we can rent movies from. We rent 3 movies, but after we rent them we couldn't remember what one was about so we drove to walmart and returned it and got another one instead.
 At home we watched the movies on a PS3 because we have no DVD player, which is stupid!  It took us forever to prepare for it, we first had to figure out how to make it work and then we were interrupted about 4 times and had to restart the movie 4 times. But we just watched 1 1/2. "Lovely Molly" wasn't interesting and stupid  so we stopped at the half of it and watched "Case 39" instead. That movie was more interesting, it was confusing,twisted and crazy.

Day 41 -23.September 2012 Sunday

I couldn't sleep well that night and woke up all the time so it came that I was awake at 7:40 am and already prepared myself for church. After church we went back to our house and ate lunch and I helped a little bit with the dishes and cleaned our room´. At 6pm we went back to church, we watched Octoberbaby but didn't finish it, yet. As we went home it was real cold outside. As I was finally inside I watched the end of Rush Hour 2 and soon afterwards started Karate Kid which I watched with Dad but we didn't finish that movie either, because Nikki and Evan wanted to watch the last movie we rent the day before. So after eating very good pancakes which were made by Nikki and Evan we watched the movie. I can't remember the name anymore but I know that it wasn't that good.

Pajama Day

Cowgirl Day

Twin Day

College Day

Viking Day/ Me in Spanish class

In my next post I'll maybe write something about Sundays and church.

xoxo Clarissa

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