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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Shot- Not! and the Shakespear play

Day 42- 25. September 2012

School was ok. In English asked us our teacher whether Wasilia and I want to go to a Shakespear play on the next day, we say yes. I had to go early out of  English class because it should be the day I'd get a shot. Dad picked me up from school and we drove to Monticello. As we arrived the nurse looked at my shot record and said that I don't need any shot because I alread have all of them! Lucky me.  I was really happy because of that!! Afterwards we just went to Walmart and bought some grocery. After we got home I quickly ate dinner and then Dad, Marylin, Karianna and I drove to Nikkis volleball game.

Day 43 - 26. September 2012

That day I had to wake up at 5:50 am. That was real early! But I wasn't as tired as I thought I would be. We woke up so early because we had to be at school at 7 for "See you at the pole". There we prayed, for the students, school, teacher and other people, all together. Afterwards we ate breakfast in school. It was fun.
Then I had an US History test, it was ok.
In Spanish we got started with our Ipads, seriously the students are crazy about their Ipads... In Earth Science we had study hall because the nest day we should write a test. As I went to English our teacher sent me out of his class and told me to go to the office, I just knew that I had a test for phyiscal something but nothing more. So I  arrived at the office and was really lost! Because first nobody seemed to know why I had been sent there. Finally I found out that Mom wanted me to walk home. As I got home I picked up all the papers I needed and then we went to the building I had to go to.
There I had to do several test like hearing or visual test, they measured my wheight and height, asked me some questions, tested my reflextions and such. I needed to do that because I want to start Basketball and I can't participate without those tests. 
As the test was finally over Mom and I walked back home. There I studied 30 minutes for my Earth Science test and then I already had to leave again. I went to the school were I met the other students who also were going to see the Shakespear play.
Before we went to the play we went to Laffayette to eat  supper, I was so hungry!  But we runned late so we could just pick up our food and hurried back to the bus. I bought some  burger with onion ring and Dr. Pepper. It was real delicious! But Wasilia and I kind of hurried to eat because we just had about 20 minutes to eat until the play began. It was funny. The play was great even though I didn't unterstand everything because it was in a old english, Shakespear english so sometimes I had troubles to understand what they were saying. The play was about a dream within a dream within a dream, it was twisted, confusing and really amusing!
As we were back home it was alread 11 pm. I studied about 1 hour until I finally could go to bed, I like the day very much even though it had been very exhausting and long.

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