Ab August werde ich 10 Monate im Land der unbegrenzten Möglichkeiten leben!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

First Football game, school, 9/11 and Ipad

Oh wow can you believe it?!? It's already October!!! 

Day 25 -7. September 2012

In Sociology we watched a movie called "The Namesake" it was basiclly about an Indian family which came to America and you see how they first didn't feel good and didn't like it and slowly got used to eveything and the kids which were born in America have to fit in, not just America also their own culture and such.
I really like that movie!
In Lunch they had Bretzeln!!!!! Haha I freaked out as I saw that. But the american Bretzeln, which are called Pretzeln here, have cheese in them!  It was real good, but still I prefer the ones without cheese in them, haha.
In English I got my essay, I re-did back.  I  got a A+ ! That and the Bretzeln really made my day.
At 7 p.m. I went with Kariden, Katie, Rost and his hostbrother to a football game.
Unfortunately I rained, that was really stupid, we even though about going back home, but luckily it stopped raining after a little time.  The game was ok, I just didn't understand everything, Rost tried to explain it to me.

 Day 26- 8. September 2012

That day I once again could sleep longer. As I woke up almost everybody of my family was at a funeral, just Rost and my little host sisters were at home. I played with them and talked to Rost. Then my family came back home.  Then I went with Nikki and Kariden to Walmart in Monticello, where we bought some food and I got some candy. Kariden had to help me and explain the differen candy to me, in just one shelf where so many!!  Afterwards we went to McDonalds and bought some food, too. Back home we ate something quick and then Nikki and I drove to Lafayette to get to the Mall. In the Mall Katie waited for us and Nikki and Katie got their nails done.

Day 27. - 9. September 2012   Sunday
That day didn't happen very much. Like every Sunday it was mostly "Church day"
I'm going to write a post about church soon.

Day 28. -10. September 2012

That day  I had a history test, I went out quiet good. In Sociology we watched the Namesake again. I really like that movie!  In Yearbook we had a guest speaker and our new and final teacher!! The guest speaker told us very much we need to know about Yearbook and where to start.  That was really interesting.
The next class was great,too. Spanish! I really love that class, too. We leared something about formal and informal speech.  Yes after I got through Earth Science, we had another guest speaker in English. He talked about some collage here in Indiana. That guy was so funny! He made tons of joke while his presentation. 

Day 29.- 11. September 2012

In History we watched a dokumentation about 9/11 it was called "The Day The Towers Fell" or something like that, it was real good, I actually almost cried during that, its just touching.
Spanish and Yearbook class was again real fun. In Yearbook we organized us a little bit more and talked about who takes pictures of which athletic.
In Earth Science we did nothing! We just sat around and were bored, yaaay... An one boy cut another boy's hair, during class!  That was so weird. And in English we simply talked about upcoming tests and quizzes.
I don't know anymore what I did the rest of the day... I really don't know, but since it was Tuesday, I guess we were at a volleyball game.

Day 30.+ 31 - 12.+13 September 2012
On Wednesday  nothing real intersting happened.

At Thursday  we were almost late for school because we just woke up at 7 a.m.  but we made it in time :D
Until Yearbook class nothing very intersting happend. In Yearbook class  I found out that there will be a Hallway decoration for Homecoming week. In Spanish I pritty much just talked about that and a spanish festival which was about Mexico and South America.
In English we wrote a test and right before we got it, our teacher jumped around, danced and sang a song  that everybody shall get an A in that test, haha that was just so crazy but funny!
As I got home I tried to iron my clothes and I worked out!! I was so proud of myself.
And 30 Days in America at that day, I was in America for 1 Month!! I couldn't believe it, time passes so very fast! And actually I'm here for even more time!!

Day 32 - 14. September Friday

On that Friday Wasilia and I finally got our IPads. Yep every student in our school has an Ipad. And everybody is crazy about it! Its like their Ipad is their life, sometimes that it really weird.  Anyway, on that Friday Wasilia and I got ours. We were the first exchange students from our school, in this school year, who got it.  Oh wow it took us FOREVER to get home. I guess we walked almost 30-40 minutes home. And we both were on our Ipads,taking pictures and laughing like some crazy kids. Dad even searched us because we were so very late. After I finally got home  I went to a bank with dad. On the way home we stopped at Walmart, and I got a bookbag.  The rest of the day I watched movies with Marylin and talked with her.

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