Ab August werde ich 10 Monate im Land der unbegrenzten Möglichkeiten leben!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

3. - 6. September

Day 21-23 -  3.- 5. September 2012 

On Monday, Labor day, I didn't do much. Rost and I worked almost the whole day on our essays we had to write for English. But I managed it to finish it, juhu!
Tuesday was school again, it didn't happen much there, but our English teacher didn't like our essay, so I had to re-do everything, that was really stupid.  In the evening we went to the volleyball game of Kariden. Unfortunately we arrived at the game, as it already was over. At the game we met Wasilia and we walked home with her and just went to the gasstation.
At Wednesday I pritty much studied the whole time for Earth Science. Also I got the news that I just have to take 1 shot instead of 2. I was really happy because of that :D

Day 24 - 6. September  2012

That day, our Yearbook class got a little bot more organized, yeah! I offerd to take some pictures of the volleyball game, that day and also some of the football game the next day. Yes and during Earth Science our teachter really tough! That was something absolutely new, because usually we just have to fill out some papers with the help of the book.  Also we didn't have to write the test, we got another day to study, that was real great.
As I got home I simply uploaded my blog :) and ate Dinner, it was soo good! Because it was noodles! They were a little bit like Spagethi, real good.  After Dinner we went to Nikki's Volleyball game, I took about 150 picutes!

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