Ab August werde ich 10 Monate im Land der unbegrenzten Möglichkeiten leben!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Missing something?

I thought I could write a post about the things I miss about good old Germany which I took for granted but now all of a sudden it's just missing. :)

ok, Number One:  Family and Friends

Of course I miss my parents, brother, grandma, uncle and aunt plus their children, my dog Varus and my rabbits Moritz and Timon,  and my friends! I realized that I always took it for granted that they are there and when ever I needed something, whether it's something simple like talking or going somewhere, that I could come to them. I also miss when my family went eating to a restaurant and we sat there for a while and just talked about things that happened the past time.
I miss it so much when Mama came into my room and just told me some news she got that day at work.
Omi who is always so busy and such a lovely person! You're the best!
I also miss my brother Martin a lot. Even though we never really talked and you pretty much always sent me out of your room, I miss you Martin! 
I miss Varus so much, too. Especcially when he always came into my room and annoyed me with his toy and wanted to play.. The same with my crazy rabbits Moritz and Timon !
I also miss my friends with which I had so much fun being around them in the months before I left. Our random things we did together were great! Cooking Spaetzle or painting my nails, going for a walk or just talking.
I love you and thank you so much that you exist. Before this I never realized how much you all mean to me and I hope I won't forget it again! :)

Number Two: Freedom

As weird it might seems to miss freedom in America but yes I miss my freedom here. Including being able to say "I want to go outside for a while" without  having to say where, until when, whith who, why or asking if I can go. Yes I knew it would be like that but still I miss that.

Number Three: Grocery shopping

That probably sounds very weird but I miss it so much to go grocery shopping with Mama,Papa and Martin! I never, ever could imagine that I would miss that. I mean it's something essential, right? Sometime you need to go shopping to get at least food and hygene stuff, right? Well, but not toghether. Usually just my Dad or Mom go grocery shopping during the week and I don't recognize it and all of a sudden someone walks in with food and things. I miss it so much just going with my parents and brother to go to Kaufland on a Friday or Saturday and buy things for the week. I really never ever though I'd miss that!

Number Four: Busses and a close by mall 

I miss it to just walking to Kaufland or a store and not needing a ride to get there. Always having to ask for a ride is annoying.. I also never thought that I would miss that everything is so close by. Or busses! Without a car you're in trouhble here! Without a car you're really lost, everything's just huge :D  Fields and fields everywhere!

Number Five: Walking outside

We're usually inside. In the school we don't have a recess where we can go outside and walk around and complain about the weahter or such. Yes in Germany I hated it going outside when it was below 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 Grad Celcius)  but somehow I miss that. 
Or just saying, "Hey I want to go outside for a bit" I miss that.. Here like I said I'm usually inside and that's not that awesome sometimes..

Number Six: Going for a walk with Varus or someone

In Germany I did that up to 2 times a day. Yes sometimes it was no fun at all, in cold weather or rainy weather having to go outside with the dog, brr. But I really miss those walks where I just could walk and thing about things, it helped me solving problems, relaxed me and gave me strenght for the rest of the day.
Also it was a time where I could some great pictures form my environment, I miss that as well.

Number Seven: Advanced school

A lot of students might think I went nuts now, but I really miss our school system. Not exactly our school but german school in general, where you had to think and not everyone just gave you the answers and you just copied everything. Like " Hier wird alles einem in den Ar*** geschoben" I believe it the german quote. Anyhow, here in America the students don't need to pay attention during the class, they can do whatever they want, talk, walk around, sleep; a lot of student do that... ; or pay attention. they don't need to raise their hands and actually  give answers to the teachers. Also the exams and tests are most of the time very easy with multiple choice of matching and just a few essays, haha I can't wait for german tests and exams, ohh. :D

Number Eight: carbonated water ( Sprudel)

That had been preety much the very first thing I missed from Germany. After the 3 days in New York I already missed our carbonated water. Yes indeed I found something similiar here but it has flavor and doesn't taste like the german one.

Number Nine: My doctor

I miss my doctor and medicine from Germany as well. 100 % understnading what to do when you're sick and knowing the medicin is what I miss a lot when I'm sick here. And I'm sick very often, no that's not that awesome! 

Number Ten: TV shows

Yes for no really peticular reason I miss german TV shows. GZSZ, Who wants to be a millionaer?, "Wetten dass...?" and all the other ones. Sitting in the living room and watching those shows mith my family is what I miss.  I also miss our stupid and way to long commercials, haha. I mean for real, who misses commercials?! Here we just can skip them and continue the movie or show we're watching, no commercials. I really never thought I'd miss them!!

  yeah that's it for now. I could bet there are a few more things I miss about Germany but Yeah those would me the "main" ones. Some might can't be understood for those at home or even abroad but those are the thing I acctually miss and now appreciate about Germany.


  1. Hey there :)
    I used to be an au pair in the US a few years ago and just came across your blog, which is very interesting! Just wanted to let you know, that there actually is sparkling water without any additional flavors! Do you have Subway near by by any chance? They have "seltzer water" (the blue one!) which is pure sparkling water. They do have it in cans, too! Maybe that helps you, I don't know ;) Enjoy your time in the US, one day you're really gonna miss it, trust me! :)

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